Welcome to Tarot Singapore Online!

I’m YQ and I help tarot-curious types like you learn to read tarot easily so you can use tarot to access your intuition and make better choices.

I know you are struggling with learning tarot card meanings (all 78 of them!).

You don’t feel confident when you’re reading for others and keep relying on the guidebook. And lucky for you, reading tarot can be fun and easy.

Singapore Tarot Reader
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The bad news?

There’s so much information about tarot out there that you’re not sure which site to start with.

And you keep seeing Facebook ads for online tarot classes but you’re not sure if you’ll actually finish them. (I’ve been there!)

Don’t you just want someone who knows tarot to show you the step-by-step method of how to read cards?

Now for the good news

1. You don’t actually have to memorise all the tarot card meanings. Ditch that keyword sheet!

2. Reading tarot can just come naturally from your inner voice and intuition!

Tarot Demystification

Helping you add a sprinkle of tarot in your life easier


Tarot reading is only for entertainment purposes.
I do not guarantee the 100% accuracy of the reading since many factors will impact the future after the reading is completed. I cannot take on readings related to finance, legal, medical or health issues or those not about yourself. Please contact a licensed professional with regards to the issues mentioned above. Send over your query and I’ll let you know if I’m able to cover it. If I feel that our energies don’t match, I might have to decline your reading.

What tarot is and isn’t

Tarot cards show what might happen if you continue on the path without any major change. Tarot is not fortune telling. Your future isn’t written in stone. This means if the reading is “bad” or not to your liking, you have the power to change! And if anything major happens to the scenario after the reading, the path shown changes too.

How I can help you

I help people best when they have enough faith in the cards. ❌If you’re a skeptic, I can’t convince you of what the results are. ❌If you are scared, getting a reading will just cause anxiety. ❌If you are too fanatical, you might cling onto the results of the reading.