Building A Career Profile Using Astrology

An online workshop to put together your personal career profile using astrology

Immediate Access

Your astrology birth chart holds the blueprint of your life.

It shows the path of least resistance to living a life that is truly your own.

With the current unpredictable work environment, you might be wondering what your career or job should look like.

In 'Building Your Career Profile with Astrology' online training, you will learn how to identify and explain the astrological indicators of

 Your ideal career
Your ideal daily work
Your skills or talent 

With the information and worksheet, you'll be able to build a career profile that is unique to you.

Your Trainer

Hi, I'm YQ

I'm an astrologer and tarot instructor.

I want to help you access your true self through astrology.


Building A Career Profile Using Astrology

This training is perfect for you if…

You are considering a mid-career switch and want a framework to work with.
You want to build your own dream career based on your unique talents and strength
you are curious about how to apply astrology to your career and work

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

you want to know the exact job that you should go for (There's no planet for "bitcoin" in the chart)
you already love your job (no need to second guess what you're doing!)
you prefer someone read your chart for you (I provide that too)

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