As a tarot and astrology practitioner, I have my beliefs which tool is better for readings.

Since launching Your Career Compass: Career Profiling with Astrology consultation, I believed that this is the reading to go to for career questions. I love how the consultation gives the big picture for clients on their career path.

But after several career tarot readings that helped my clients in decision making, I realized the two tools both have their place.

What is tarot or astrology based on?

Tarot comes easier for me. I just need a deck and I can answer the questions immediately.

The answers from tarot comes from the synchronicity of the cards that show up. As a reader, I interpret the cards based on the clients’ situation.

For clarity’s sake, in this post, I’m only comparing using a client’s birth chart for career consultations. There are other types of astrology readings (horary, prediction) that can play a similar role as tarot.

Astrology is based on the client’s birth chart. A birth chart is a snapshot of where the planets are during your time of birth. It’s a blueprint of you based on the relationship between the planets at that moment.

For astrology consultations, there’s homework to do before the session. And for Career Profiling, there are multiple areas to prepare for before the consultation.

Why not both tarot and astrology?

You might ask, why not both?

Previously, I did run some career astrology sessions that close out with multiple tarot cards.

I overestimated how much time it takes to interpret the cards. So now I’m running the two as different sessions.

What is Tarot good for in career readings?

Tarot is better at answering questions in the present. Based on the present, what does the future hold?

If you already have a career choice in mind and need help making a decision or getting an affirmation, tarot is good for this.

For example, someone who is thinking of either Job A or Job B can find out the pros and cons of the two offers, what kind of colleagues they will meet etc.

I do mild predictive work with tarot. But it’s less about actual dates and more about periods of time, for example, what will happen in Q3 and Q4.

Usually, “expiry date” of a tarot reading is about 3-months (apart from questions that are deliberately phrased beyond the month). Unless some major event happens that changes the situation drastically, I don’t recommend people getting multiple readings because it gets confusing.

I like to think of asking tarot questions as asking different people questions. They can give you different answers that are true to them and their circumstances.

What is astrology good for in career readings?

In comparison to tarot which is more about the present, Career Profiling with Astrology reading is “for life”.

The birth chart is a blueprint of your life and is set in stone from the moment you’re born.

You’ll find ease and satisfaction if you’re able to live as closely to your birth chart as you’re walking down the path of least resistance.

Astrology is good for the big picture. Who you really are. What are your strengths and weaknesses. What’s your career/work/value?

Is there such a thing as a “bad” birth chart?

Some might worry that if they are stuck with a birth chart, does it mean that they are stuck with a “bad” birth chart?

The type of astrology I practice shows both the positive and negative manifestation of a chart. You can choose to live either way.

But, challenges in a birth chart is good for personal growth as the chart owner will take action to resolve them. I read that a lot of successful people have “squares” (a challenging aspect) in their birth chart as it drives them to work to overcome their challenges.

I know of a woman with an “easy” birth chart and all her life she’s just lived off her parents and partners happily without contributing. Some might say it’s a good life but I would rather have contributed to society or others than coast along.

Analyzing career questions: Tarot or Astrology?

On Instagram, I asked for career questions so I can break them down to see which tool is better for answering the question.

Part of my answer is also based on which tool is easier. If it takes me 30 minutes with astrology versus 3 minutes with tarot, I would choose tarot.

Q: Should I stay in this current job or find something else?
A “this or that reading” is easily answered with tarot. (I’ll have to write a blog post soon on the spread I use for such a question.)

Q: Strengths and weakness in current workplace.
If it’s a particular workplace, I will go for tarot to examine the strengths and weakness.

With astrology, I will check if the workplace aligns with the client’s 6th house. The birth chart cannot show the strength and weakness of a workplace (since it’s not built into the chart) but it can show the type of workplace that is suitable for the client.

Q: What kind of career would suit me?
Astrology. This question is more big picture and the birth chart is able to answer this through examining the career houses.

In contrast, Tarot can be a bit wobbly answering this. (Five of Cups–Jobs where I cry over spilled milk?)

Q: Any career luck or opportunities soon?
I would probably reframe the question as I find that people might just sit back and not take action because they know luck is coming in.

But this question is more suitable for tarot. I might use a This or That spread since it’s a Yes/No type of question. And I’ll pull an extra action card for advice on how the client can bring in more opportunities.

Predictive astrology is able to help but the process takes a long time to plot so I wouldn’t use astrology for this.

Q: Will there be job opportunities overseas for me?
Tarot, using Yes/No tarot spread.

Astrology can tell if it’s better for you to work overseas. (My chart says I need to move away from my country to flourish.) Still, having it in the chart doesn’t mean that the client doesn’t need to put in the work.

Q: What society says we should do for work vs our soul purpose.
Astrology for the bigger picture of what the person is suited for.

But, it doesn’t mean that our purpose is something wildly different from what is available now. Some people are more suited to break out while others find comfort in security.

Q: Will I be able to do a successful career switch?
Tarot, using Yes/No tarot spread.

Q: What energies should I expect within the job?
A very woo question, so I would use Tarot.

What are your thoughts on tarot or astrology for career readings? Let me know in the comments.

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