YQmagic 2022 review

2022 was a very strange year for me. In last year’s recap, I mentioned “Good news is that 2022 will be very chilled with nothing much hitting me.” Turns out “nothing much” is not good news but a heavy sense of ennui. 2022 was the least “productive” when it comes Read more…

goal setting with astrology

2023 Goal Setting with Astrology

Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance. It’s called the “greater benefic” with Venus being #2. Jupiter transits can make that particular part of your life more “lucky” and expansive so why don’t we use it to help us set goals that are easy to achieve.

I also like using astrology (which includes new moon goal setting) to set my goals because it will touch on ALL parts of my life–else I’ll be stuck with making career goals all the time.