I have a confession.

Even though I know how to read tarot cards, most of the time, I rely on free computer-generated online readings when I’m reading for myself. (Never for clients.)

I use readings from online sites because it’s more convenient. It’d be totally weird if I whip out my tarot cards and start a spread on my office table.

Sometimes I just need quick advice (and a gut check) before I proceed with an activity. I take my phone out and do a quick reading.

My favourite site for tarot readings

I use facade.com/tarot exclusively for my internet-generated readings.

I use Ator Tarot and One Card as my go-to deck and spread. I untick reversals and send questions into the interwebs.

Most of the time, the cards that come out do resonate. Those which don’t resonate, I’d go with my gut instinct.

I also like the Relationship and Two Paths tarot spread on facade.com/tarot.

Relationship is good for checking in the relationship status of two people while Two Paths is good for when you are facing two choices and don’t know which to go with.

How is it different from a reading from a reader?

When you engage a tarot reader, you are getting a part of their life experiences on top of the meanings of the cards.

Some of the readers might have been on similar path and would be able to guide you better.

Some readers might be so empathetic that they know what you’re facing and can help you through difficult times.

You’re not paying for the reading, you’re paying for the reader’s mental capabilities.

So when you’re reading a computer-generated reading, the explanation will feel distant from your situation because it’s just a template answer about the cards.

When should you use computer-generated readings?

I think it’s perfectly fine for you to use computer-generated readings when your problems aren’t too complicated.

When you need a listening ear and advice that is more personalised, it’s better to have a reading with an actual person.

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