I have a confession.

Even though I know how to read tarot cards, most of the time, I rely on free computer-generated online readings when I’m reading for myself. (Never for clients.)

I use readings from online sites because it’s more convenient. It’d be totally weird if I whip out my tarot cards and start a spread on my office table.

Sometimes I just need quick advice (and a gut check) before I proceed with an activity. I take my phone out and do a quick reading.

If you’re curious if free computer-generated tarot readings online work, read one

  • How does a free online tarot reading work?
  • Are online tarot readings accurate?
  • Where can I do my own tarot reading online?
  • How is online tarot reading different from a tarot reader’s interpretation?
  • When should you use computer-generated readings?
  • How about free tarot reading on YouTube for different situations? I feel they are quite accurate!
  • It’s not quite the topic: But is a tarot reader reading online still accurate?

How does a free online tarot reading work?

If you search for “free tarot reading”, you will find about 40 million results. Some of these sites are spammy with weird pop ups or look like they are from the 90s.

The basic principle behind a free online tarot reading is that: You key in your question and let the computer generate the tarot cards for you.

A bonus that comes with an online tarot card site is that the interpretations are available for you too. This is great if you’re learning tarot and want to learn as you go along. (In fact, this is something I encourage students to do.)

For someone like me–who has learned tarot for more than 17 years–I completely skip the interpretations and just use it as a substitute for a deck since I can explain the card meanings (to myself) well.

But if you are completely new to tarot card reading, these “free” interpretations sound more like a robot speaking.

Robot looking at you. To explain that you feel that a robot is conducting your tarot reading

Are online tarot readings accurate?

That brings us to this question “Is the online tarot reading accurate?”

We can debate that for me, it is accurate as I’m able to interpret it according to my situation.

But for a newbie or someone who is clueless about tarot: the generic interpretations don’t apply to some situations.

But that doesn’t mean you should just label it as “inaccurate”–it’s more that the interpretations are not wide enough to cover your very specific case.

And it gets even more confusing with the different cards from tarot decks, different tarot spreads (You don’t need 10 cards for your situation!)

Simple three card tarot laid out

Where can I do my own tarot reading online?

My favourite site for card reading online is facade.com/tarot. In fact this is the site I use exclusively for my internet-generated readings.

I also send people who keep asking me to pull cards to the site too.

I use Ator Tarot and One Card as my go-to deck and spread. I untick reversals and send questions into the interwebs.

Most of the time, the cards that come out do resonate. Those which don’t resonate, I’d go with my gut instinct.

I also like the Relationship and Two Paths tarot spread on facade.com/tarot.

The Relationship reading is good for checking in the relationship status of two people while Two Paths is good for when you are facing two choices and don’t know which to go with.


How is online tarot reading different from a tarot reader’s interpretation?

Will robots ever replace human beings? Not at this point especially when it comes to interpreting tarot cards based on very specific, and very human, situations.

When you engage a tarot reader, you are getting that human part. A card reading isn’t just about the cards but it’s about the interpretation:

What does it mean when there are no major arcana cards?

What does it mean when major arcana cards dominate?

A tarot reader is able to tell you what it means.

Some of the readers might have been on similar path and would be able to guide you better.

Some readers might be so empathetic that they know what you’re facing and can help you through difficult times.

You’re not paying for the reading, you’re paying for the reader’s mental capabilities.

So when you’re reading a computer-generated reading, the explanation will feel distant from your situation because it’s just a template answer about the cards.

When should you use computer-generated readings?

If you need a quick card reading (without disturbing your tarot reader friends or asking for a free reading), go ahead and use one of the free tarot readings sites. I’ve recommended my favourite  facade.com/tarot.

It’s perfectly fine for you to use computer-generated readings which automatically picks tarot cards for you when your problems aren’t too complicated.

You get very rigid tarot spreads with these websites.

When you need a listening ear and advice that is more personalised, it’s better to have a reading with an actual person.


How about free tarot reading on YouTube for different situations? I feel they are quite accurate!

You’ve seen those tarot card videos: A soft-voiced gentle reader asks you to pick a pile of tarot cards for your specific situation–usually it’s love readings like “What they want to know about you?” “Your twin flame still thinks of you”

The videos can go up to 1.5 hours and the ASMR-ish tarot reader is just so soothing.

Personally, I watch those videos sometimes when I’m in despair and just want to hear the right words.

But I do find that the messages are usually uplifting with positive outcomes that can apply to many people.

While it’s ok to watch those videos as entertainment, just be aware that it wasn’t made specifically for you. But a person hears what they want to hear so if it’s a reassuring message that you need now. Go ahead and enjoy yourself.

It’s not quite the topic: But is a tarot reader reading online still accurate?

I have a funny story: I picked my original site name Tarot Singapore Online because I only wanted to read tarot online.

At this point in time, I’ve not scheduled any in-person tarot readings for clients because I can’t find the energy to go outside the house just to read tarot for an hour.

So all of my card reading have been done online–sometimes even purely through text.

As a tarot card reader, I do not need to be near you to “feel your aura”. (I am a non-psychic so I also do not have a spirit guide team helping with interpretation.)

When I’m conducting a tarot card reading through the internet, I’m pulling the cards on your behalf. There’s no need for you to “touch” the cards to activate it or any mumbo jumbo. (That’s not how I roll.)

Additionally, I do not use any tarot spreads and just pull cards for answers that are customized to your situation and the questions you want to know.

Having 11 tarot cards to answer a question where you just need one card is slightly overdoing it.

If you’re interested in how to be a tarot reader online, I have a training for you: Kickstart Your Tarot Side Hustle, that helps you set up your own online tarot practice.

What other questions do you have about online tarot readings, let me know in the comments.


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