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This page contains all my free and paid trainings and my tarot and astrology consultations.


Free Tarot Learning Library

Multiple free tarot trainings to help you get started. Check out the Free Tarot Learning Library.

Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting A Tarot Reading [Free]

If you've bought a tarot deck and you're not sure what to do with it, or you've tried pulling tarot cards for yourself but you're not sure if you're doing it right, I totally understand!

You want to be able to conduct a tarot reading for yourself without all the stress, you want more introspection and less frustration!

So that’s why I’ve put together this Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting A Tarot Reading, so you can finally start reading tarot for yourself!

Get it now.

Tarot For Self Care [Free Workshop]

Not just for divination. Find out how you can use tarot cards for self care.

Get the training here.

Tarot From Zero [Paid Workshop]

In this one-hour training, find out how to get started with tarot so that you can be comfortable reading cards.

In this training, you will learn

  • What most beginners get wrong when learning how to read tarot
  • How to pick a deck that makes it easier for you to learn
  • How to find tarot spreads to start practicing
  • How to conduct a tarot reading

Get the training here.

Newbie to Confident Tarot Reader: Tarot For Beginners Course [Paid Course]

Newbie to Confident Tarot Reader - Tarot For Beginners Course is an in-depth online training covering everything you need to know to about how to start reading tarot confidently.

You’ll learn the exact steps a professional tarot reader goes through during a tarot reading and how to apply the cards to the reading.

You'll also learn the multiple facets of a tarot card so you can fit it into different scenarios.

But most importantly, you’ll learn how to stop doubting yourself when it comes to tarot readings and finally read tarot for yourself and others with confidence.

Buy now

Tarot for Self-Coaching [Paid Workshop]

In this training, you will learn how to use tarot cards for self-coaching so you can connect with your intuition for self-discovery and guidance. Sign up today.

Linking & Connecting Tarot Cards In Tarot Spreads [Paid Workshop]

In this training, you will learn to go deeper with your tarot readings by integrating tarot cards. Sign up today.

Kickstart Your Tarot Side Hustle [Paid Workshop]

An online training for you to turn your tarot reading skills into additional income without quitting your full time job. Sign up here.

Tarot Reading [30-minute session]

Using tarot to make sense of the present to help you make better decisions for the future. My tarot consultations aren't open all year round but you can check out this page to see if there are slots.

Tarot Mentoring with YQ

Have you been learning tarot but still don't "get it"? 

Join my Tarot Mentoring session for 1-on-1 guidance and clarity.


Free Astrology Training Library

Multiple free astrology trainings. Check out the Free Astrology Library.

Your Ideal Partner Based On Your Birth Chart [Free]

Did you know that your birth chart holds the information on who suits you best as a romantic partner and a long-term partner?

Sign up for this free video training to discover the boyfriend/Husband or girlfriend/wife planets in Your birth chart.

New Moon Goal Setting Worksheet + Instruction [Free]

Ready to attract what you want into your life? Get the New Moon Goal Setting worksheets and learn how to use the new moon for goal setting and manifestation.

Get it here.

Building Your Career Profile with Astrology [Paid Workshop]

In 'Building Your Career Profile with Astrology' online training, you will learn how to identify and interpret the astrological indicators of

- Your ideal career
- Your ideal daily work
- Your skills or talent

Sign up today

Your Career Compass - Career Profiling with Astrology [Paid Astrology Consultation]

Know your superpower and make sense of your life path with your personal birth chart. Get clarity by living out your birth chart.

Slots are open seasonally. Get on the waitlist.

Getting Ready for Venus Retrograde workshop

Venus Retrograde is coming! Join this training to prepare for it.


Energetic Cord Cutting Workshop [Paid Workshop]

This workshop is for you if
✂️ You feel energetically drained by some people and you want to feel freer in your interact
✂️ You still have feelings for a person previously in your life and know you need to let go of it
✂️ You want to have a better relationship with people currently in your life

Get the training

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I teach tarot and astrology.

Find me on Instagram @yqmagic

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