At the time of writing, I’ve only paid for tarot readings from tarot readers I found out through the internet.

It took me many months of “stalking” their social media (mostly Instagram) before I pounced upon their flash sales reading.

When the readings come (in PDF), I read it and digest it a bit. Sometimes I’m just too deep in my problem that I refuse to see the truth from the cards.

It’s only months later that I realize how appropriate the reading was.

Of course, as with all readings, you take what resonates with you, leave what doesn’t but come back to it later. The readings don’t tell you what’s going to happen but what might happen if you continue in your trajectory.

If you’re looking for a tarot reader, here’s my advice based on my experience.

Why you need to find a compatible tarot reader

Your relationship with your tarot reader is special since you’ll be sharing some of your deeper problems with them. I find myself opening up to tarot readers more than I do my friends, because I know the readers do not judge me or try to push their advice on me.

When picking a tarot reader, you’ll want to feel a connection with them. If the connection comes in the form of a flash sale, so be it.

So how do you choose the right tarot reader?

Looking on the internet for a tarot reader

how to find a tarot reader

Searching for a tarot reader on the internet is the easier path to take since you’ll have access to many readers from all over the world.

Of course, you shouldn’t just pick the first tarot reader that you come across on Google. I find people who rank higher don’t particularly “click” with me, many of them seem to be full of drama.

Look around for more readers. Check out their website and read their works for example if they have a blog section with updated articles.

While you’re reading their works, think to yourself if you feel a connection with them? Do you like how they present their work?

Apart from websites, Instagram is the platform that a lot of tarot readers choose to promote themselves, followed by YouTube and Facebook.

Though I know many tarot readers use Instagram, I don’t have a particularly exciting Instagram account (add me

Once you’ve found a reader you’ve connected with, if you’re frugal like me, wait for a flash sales. If your question is urgent, book one of their readings directly or write in to ask how you can work with them.

Looking for a tarot reader in real life

finding a tarot reader on real life

In the case of a tarot reader in the offline world, you’ll want to apply the judgmental criteria as you do for online folks. Look at their website or social media account.

Of course there are tarot readers who don’t have much online presence. It doesn’t mean that they’re not good, just that they’re not putting their energy in showcasing themselve online.

You might want to get referrals from friends so you can meet someone trust worthy.

Sometimes you just have to visit the reader and see if you click.

When you do visit a tarot reader in their job, be on the alert and leave if you don’t feel comfortable. Never let anyone force you into doing a reading if you don’t feel a connection.

Of course, a tarot reader and their client is a two-way relationship so they have the right to recommend you to someone else if they find that things might not work out between you two.

Not sure how to ask questions for tarot? I wrote a blog post on that.


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