I’m writing this blogpsot from my childhood study room–now turned into a spare bedroom.

I’m home for the weekend for Father’s Day and my father’s actual birthday.

While packing my luggage, I kept my tarot deck aside and reminded myself to place it in my bag.

I didn’t. It’s still on the floor of my bedroom in Singapore.

So I used a deck of playing cards as a substitute for my tarot deck.

Here’s how I do it:

With a deck of playing card, you’ll mainly be working with the minors but I keep the JOKER cards inside as a placeholder for the majors.

♦️ Diamonds for Pentacles
♠️ Spades for Swords
♥️ Hearts for Cups
♣️ Clubs for Wands

For Court cards, I use Jack for Knight and Queen and King as they are. This leaves out the Pages but I’m ok not having them.

I know to pull for Majors when the Joker card comes out. I pause and pull two more cards from the deck. I add the two cards up and see which number it corresponds to in the Major Arcana.

Do you use playing cards as a tarot deck? Reply and let me know!

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