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Finding Life Purpose with Astrology

We frequently encounter the term "life purpose" in conversations and writings.
But what exactly does "life purpose" mean?
Is it a job or career that we pursue?
Is it a set of goals or tasks that we aim to accomplish?
Is it a mission or cause that motivates and inspires us?
What exactly is a "life purpose"?

Using the insights revealed in your astrological birth chart, you can gain a glimpse into where you are headed in this lifetime to fulfill your soul's mission for growth.

What's in the training?

In this free one-hour online training, join astrologer YQ as she shares how you can discover your life purpose by exploring your birth chart. You will learn:

Which astrological positions in your birth chart relates to your life purpose and soul's mission
Which parts of your chart indicate what you need to release or move away from in order to grow and progress on your journey
Case studies of famous individuals and an analysis of their birth charts and life purposes

Uncovering your life purpose can help bring more meaning, fulfillment and guidance to your life path.

This training is an opportunity to learn how astrology can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and gaining clarity on why you are here.

YQ, astrologer

Hi, I'm YQ. I am an astrologer and a tarot instructor. I see our astrology birth chart as a map for our life. If you need a guide to interpret the map, I'm here for you!

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