[Intermediate Tarot Training]

Love In The Cards

Relationship Tarot Readings Made Simple


(Price Goes Up to $197 after live workshop)

Do you find it hard to read relationship tarot readings?

You've learned how to read tarot but when it comes to relationship readings

You take on any questions your friend ask you and end up confused with how to interpret the readings
You are not sure how to interpret particular cards for relationship readings ("What does Pentacles have anything to do with love?")
You are uncertain about the love life prediction for your client/friend
Your friend keeps coming to you to ask about their 3rd Bumble date of the month and you're frustrated

Reading tarot for relationship questions can be easy!

Hi, I'm YQ

I've been teaching tarot since 2017.

I'm running an intermediate tarot training on [Date to be announced] to help tarot learners with intrepreting relationship tarot readings.

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[Intermediate Tarot Training]

Love In The Cards: Relationship Tarot Readings Made Simple

What you'll learn in the workshop

Common mistakes about relationship readings that make it hard to interpret the cards

What relationship questions are suitable for tarot, and what are not (so you don't end up reading for something that doesn't really apply to tarot)

Multiple card readings--what does it mean when certain suits are present/ not present to understand the core of the issue

What all 78 cards mean for relationship readings--to add to your tarot vocabulary

Important dates [Dates postponed]

Sign up available at $97. (Price goes up to $197 after workshop)

Live Zoom recording of "Love In The Cards"

Telegram Office Hours for "Love In The Cards" (ask your relationship tarot reading questions privately. Q&As will be shared publicly though anonymously so others can learn)

This training is perfect for you if…

you understand the basic tarot card meanings (we'll have interpretation for each card but specifically for love readings)
you've been frustrated when trying to interpret relationship readings
you've self-taught yourself tarot and now want structured guidance specifically for love readings

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

you do not know anything about tarot reading
you expect to get ALL your private love readings questions answered (You can submit your question/ spread/ interpretation for guidance)

Frequently Asked Questions

What tarot system is the lesson based on?

I'll be teaching based on the Rider-Waite-Smith system because it's the most popular format. There are many tarot decks based on RWS so it can apply too.

I won't be able to help that much if your deck differs too much from RWS.

Is there any pre-requisite for the workshop?

This workshop is more for intermediate tarot readers who know the basic meanings of the cards but find it hard to adapt them to relationship readings.

I will assume you know how to conduct a tarot reading (see my YouTube video for the steps).

It's not recommended for those who are learning tarot from scratch as I won't be breaking down how a tarot deck is structured and other beginner-level techniques. (Check out my mini course Tarot From Zero for the basics.) 

How much time do I need for this?

The full workshop should be around 2.5 hours. You can speed up the recorded video if you want to go through the materials faster.

I'm unavailable to make it for the live Zoom class, what can I do?

A recording will be available to all students. You can pre-submit your questions before the Zoom class so YQ can cover it.

You can also ask your questions on Telegram during out Office Hour Day.

I realize the workshop is beyond my tarot reading level, what can I do?

You can keep the workshop content for future learning. Or if you do not wish to have access to it, let me know before 5 March and I will refund you and revoke access to the class.

What if I don’t learn anything new?

Great to meet a fellow tarot enthusiast! If you feel like you didn’t learn anything new or useful, let me know within 7 days of the training and I’ll happily refund you.

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