If you’re around the woowoo crowd enough, you’ve probably heard something called Mercury Retrograde and how horrible it is.

The truth is, Mercury Retrograde happens about four times a year, each time for about 21 days.

Does it mean we have to be terrified four times a year? Not quite!

A myth about Mercury Retrograde is that you shouldn’t do anything. The truth is, it’s a great time to go back to something you had worked on in the past.

Where’s this Mercury Retrograde happening?

We’re entering Mercury retrograde season from April 21 to May 15, 2023.

This season’s Mercury Retrograde is in the sign of Taurus so it relates to  communication, thinking, data processing and decision making (which are under the management of Mercury) when it comes to money and values (Taurus topics).

(PS, Taurus covers a lot more so I recommend searching more to find out)

Whether it will impact you really depends on whether it hits any of your planets or angles in your birthchart.

Check out my Mercury Retrograde calculator to see if your natal planets get hit: https://helloyq.com/mercuryrx


Who will be affected and where will it affect you?

This upcoming Mercury retrograde will affect people who have planets or angles in

  • Fixed signs (5 to 15° Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Even if you do not have planets in those signs, Mercury retrograde effect will touch on different parts of your life.


Does it mean I cannot do anything?

During my last Venus Retrograde training, a participant asked, “It seems like I shouldn’t sign any contracts during the Retrograde. But what if I have a house I must buy now or a job that needs to be signed immediately? Does it mean I shouldn’t do it?”

I guess that was posed as a theoretical question. If you were actually going through the scenario, you will have a clear idea in your head about what to do. 

For myself, I’m buying a (new-to-me, second-hand) house. But my government-allotted time to sign the papers is right in the middle of Mercury Retrograde.

I’m not appealing to the government to defer the signing until after Mercury Retrograde because that’s just silly. Nor am I tearing my hair out because it’s not auspicious.

Instead, I am going in with a clear mind that this is what I want. (Also the decision was made way before the Retrograde period so it’s has been “confirmed” in Universal Time–my imaginary timing of the Universe–way before May.)

The “do not sign contracts” refers to agreements or situations where you are going in without much thought. Perhaps there is information that’s being hidden from you. Or research that you’ve not done before making the choice.

In that case, you should take care before making your decision.

I’ve also had two situations where I had to sign job contracts during Mercury Retrograde season.

In those cases, I read the contract carefully to understand if I’m able to leave during the probation period and what the penalty might be.

This is the season to be more aware of what is going on, instead of just hiding away from making decisions.

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