If you’re around the woowoo crowd enough, you’ve probably heard something called Mercury Retrograde and how horrible it is.

The truth is, Mercury Retrograde happens about four times a year, each time for about 21 days.

A myth about Mercury Retrograde is that you shouldn’t do anything. The truth is, it’s a great time to go back to something you had worked on in the past.

Where’s this Mercury Retrograde happening?

We’re entering Mercury retrograde season from Sep 27 to Oct 18, with the shadow period extending from Sep 7 to Nov 2.

This season’s Mercury Retrograde is in the sign of Libra so it’ll affect our communication, thinking, data processing and decision making (which is under the management of Mercury) when it comes to relationships, being just and fair, or presenting information nicely.

Whether it will impact you really depends on whether it hits any of your planets or angles in your birthchart.

Who will be affected?

This upcoming Mercury retrograde will affect people who have planets or angles in

  • Cardinal signs (10 to 25° Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)

Where this Mercury retrograde will hit you the most is where you find 10 to 25° Libra. [Not sure where to find that? Here’s an Instagram post to help you.]

Depending on your rising sign, here’s what will affect you more:

Aries: Relationships with partners, whether business or romantic, contracts and clients.

Taurus: Health routines, daily routines and colleagues

Gemini: Hobbies, children, creative expression (best not to gamble now)

Cancer: Home life, private matters, history

Leo: Communication, commute, thought processes

Virgo: Self worth, income

Libra: World view, how you present yourself to the world

Scorpio: Your subconscious, matters hidden from the world

Sagittarius: Community, future plans

Capricorn: Career, authority figures or boss

Aquarius: Publishing, broadcasting, legal matters, philosophy

Pisces: Shared resources, inheritance, investments

Taking advantage of this down season

I tend to slow down and think hard when it comes to Mercury Retrograde season.

With the Mercury Retrograde in my 7th house of partnerships and one-on-one relationships, I’ve been thinking about my partnerships and how I relate to clients.

I am eager to come up with offerings and courses but know that I have much to consider before I put anything out into the world.

I’m also taking advantage of this slowing down period to upgrade my old courses.

Pricing for my Kickstart Your Tarot Side Hustle (from S$27 to S$50) and Tarot From Zero course (from S$17 to S$40) will go up on Oct 2. Grab them before the price goes up.

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