I’m not a psychic and I read tarot cards.

This is YQ from Tarot Singapore Online. Today we’re talking about whether you have to be a psychic to read tarot.

When I first started tarot Singapore Online back in 2017, I wrote “Hi, I’m your friendly non-psychic tarot reader. And I’m here to help you with your life with tarot cards.”

I was very upfront that I am NOT a psychic because I’m not.

The truth is you don’t have to be psychic to learn tarot.

Tarot is a tool to help process feeling or experience. It’s more a psychological and mental health tool than a fortune-telling tool.

I believe tarot is not about the future. It is about now and how we can impact the future based on whatever we are doing.

It also tells us the patterns we have in the past. Whether we want to break these pattern or to continue with them.

That is how we change the future.

That’s also why tarot isn’t about the future for me. The future isn’t a fixed location that we’re going to.

The future is many places. It can be many location, many destinations and based on whatever you are doing, whatever tools you are given, and whatever you think you can do.

We can all learn the tarot and we can all use tarot in our own unique ways.

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