The New Moon in Pisces occured at 00.03 on 7 March (Thursday). Are you feeling the dreaminess that this new moon bring?

New Moon in Pisces is especially potent for setting manifestations related to spirituality and creativity.

Think of a goal related to those areas and pick a card.

New Moon in Pisces tarot reading

But, a word of warning, this New Moon coincides with Mercury retrograde.

If you can, don’t start new projects until the end of March.

Ready? Here are the cards.

Left 💭Seven of Cups💭

You have many dreams that you want to achieve. Not all of them will benefit you but if you never take the step to try them out, they will be forever on your To-Do list.

Pisces is the sign of dreaming, and something idealising a situation or person too much–building it up until it’s no longer the actual situation or person.

With Mercury retrograde, the next best step is look at the dreams/ projects you have thought of achieving, and make plan for when you’ll be starting. (Preferably after March.)

Middle 🗡️Nine of Swords🗡️

You have emotional or mental stress that you’re trying not to face.

So much that they come back at night to haunt you. (It has happened to me before.)

If it’s not a medical condition, sometimes the best way to face it is to acknowledge that it exists. Then take steps for self care–meditate, journal or make art.

New Moon in Pisces helps with creativity and the subconscious.

Right 👑The Empress👑

A perfect card if you’re planning a creative project.

The Empress helps us birth new works, especially those that require creativity.

Ask yourself if this project is something that is already going on.
Put more effort into it to make it better. The Universe is on your side.


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