I really love the Halloween Tarot deck by Kipling West. I got mine as a birthday gift from a friend.

It was the only “complete” deck I had for a while. I used it for many client readings until I had the money to splurged on the other decks.

My deck came in a tin. I like the size of tarot cards in a tin as they shuffle easily. But because of their size, they don’t photograph well.

Review of Halloween Tarot by Tarot Singapore Online

Size comparison

Dissecting the Halloween Tarot

I like the deck for its cartoonish portrayal of the characters and objects from the Rider-Waite-based Tarot deck.

Most of the cards are the same, except they changed the minor arcana to be Halloween-themed.

  • Cup – Ghosts
  • Pentacle – Pumpkin
  • Sword – Bat
  • Wand – Imp

What I like about this deck is that the cartoons make everything look less threatening. Though people have told me that having ghosts in the cards is pretty scary.

Review of Halloween Tarot by Tarot Singapore Online

A Past, Present, Future reading where the Strength was the extra card that slid out of the deck.

When I’m shuffling with this particular deck, a card very often pop out. (Strength, in the case of the reading above.) And it describes the situation very well.

Review of Halloween Tarot by Tarot Singapore Online

The Queen of Wands/Imps. which I pick as a representation of myself. So I love this card very much.

I do recommend the Halloween Tarot deck as a secondary deck. The cheerful depictions make the tarot less scary for clients.

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