I just watched the Netflix documentary ‘Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer’ and was curious about the serial killer Richard Ramirez.

We can’t really tell if someone is ‘born’ evil as their childhood and surroundings play a big part.

Based on reports, his childhood was really bad so that played a huge role in his interaction with people.

Crimes Committed Before Saturn Return

One thing to note that he had committed the crimes before his Saturn Return at 15 degrees Capricorn. And was arrested 4 years before his Saturn Return.

You don’t really reach adulthood astrologically speaking until your Saturn return.

Would he have turned out different if his years post-Saturn Return was spent outside jail? Would he be more responsible?

We wouldn’t know.

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant: Lucky Outlook

You have to be really confident to pull off 13 (and beyond) murders.

The first thing I noticed was that Jupiter was conjunct his Ascendant. Jupiter, the planet of luck and confidence, in its ruling sign Sagitarrius shows that he sees himself as a lucky person.

To commit crime after crime without fearing arrest, the person must have strong confidence in themselves. He even told his victim that he is The Night Stalker.

With a Sagittarius ascendant, he also has a lucky outlook on life.

Though not really Jupiter or luck related, his Sun in Pisces and Sun trine Neptune makes him feel that he’s “The Special One”.

He has an unrealistic view of himself (Sun as identity trine Neptune as idealism) and enjoys this although this creates a problem for others (trine s tend to do this.)

But, he does have Saturn in the first house too, though it’s too far from the ascendant to be as strong as Jupiter. This means that his outlook on life can be pessimistic, which could be why he was careful enough not to get caught.

Three planets in Pisces

Mercury, South Node and Moon
My professional software shows Mercury, South node and the Moon in Pisces

Ramirez’s Sun, Mercury and Moon are in Pisces. We talked about ‘The Special One’ syndrome with Sun in Pisces, what about the other two planets?

His Mercury and Moon are conjunct the South Node in Pisces. Any planets close to the South Node tend to manifest in unevolved ways.

And unevolved Moon in Pisces are very sensitive. They tend to hold self-pity parties and try to rope in others to feel the same about themselves. It’s easy for them to fall into victim mentality.

An unevolved Mercury in Pisces live in their dream world. His Mercury is the exact degree as South Node, which means that escaping into his fantasy is very strong for him.

Sun opposite Pluto: Other people find me disgusting

Personally, I have Sun opposite Pluto too. (Though I am not a serial killer, just to be clear.)

The negative placement of this is that the native see others (opposition) as being powerful enough to control them. Or that others see the native as disgusting.

There is a tendency (myself included) for Sun-Pluto natives to deliberately present themselves as unapproachable. Or to lurk in the shadows just waiting to prove our own theory that we are too disgusting to mingle with regular humans.

The positive manifestation (though it’s very weird in his case) is that these people are powerful and magnetic. Ramirez had loads of groupies who sent him letters and sexy pictures while he was in jail.

(Personally I haven’t been using this magnetic power so LOL.)

Sun widely conjunct Chiron

Adding on to this “disgusting” thread is his Sun widely out-of-sign conjunct Chiron.

Unevolved Chiron is about wounding and also the ‘poor me’ syndrome. His Sun in Pisces which sees himself as a special one is affected by Chiron in Aquarius which is about wounding in a community or group setting.

Mars, planet of aggression, desire and action


In a birth chart, Mars describes how the native takes action, their drive and desires and aggression.

For Ramirez, just his Mars alone has many stories to tell.

Mars conjunct Venus
A conjunction is when two planets are close to each other. So close that the native cannot really differentiate the functions.

For Ramirez, Mars’ desire and aggression is the same as how he deals with relationship and enjoyment (Venus).

Not to say that he was actually caring (Venus) towards his victims as Venus in Aquarius (and opposite Uranus) also denotes someone with unusual romantic inclinations.

Mars in Aquarius
Mars in Aquarius shows that the native prefers to take action in unconventional or shocking ways.

Mars square Neptune
Mars square Neptune alone doesn’t show aggression, rather it’s about escapism because of their wish to achieve idealistic goals.

But with his Neptune in Scorpio, there is a sign that his idealistic goals could be sexual or vengeful in nature.

Mars quincunx Pluto
Mars-Pluto aspects shows someone whose actions are fear-driven and are fearful of others harming them. They also love psychological strategy to protect themselves.

Sometimes this can also play out as being domineering (Pluto) in sexual activities (Mars).

What else do you see in The Night Stalker’s chart? Share in the comments!

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