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Kickstart Your Online Tarot Side Hustle

An Online Training For You to Turn Your Tarot Reading Skills Into Additional Income without Quitting Your Full Time Job

Want to turn your tarot passion into a side hustle?

You've been giving tarot readings for friends and family for free and you want to start reading for paid clients but you’re not sure where or how to start.

Or you want to earn extra pocket money with your tarot reading skills but the “business” component feels overwhelming.

Or you feel blocked from accepting payment because tarot reading comes naturally to you. (Why would anyone pay for this when it’s so easy?)

Or your full time job isn’t fulfilling and you want to use your tarot skills to help others while being compensated.

If you've nodded to any of the examples, I’m here to help! 

Hi! I'm YQ from Tarot Singapore Online

I've had an online tarot side hustle since 2017 and it has been a great source of joy in my life.

When I first started the side hustle, I was in between jobs and needed to make extra income so I wouldn't deplete my savings.

After I secured my full time job as a e-commerce marketer, I continued with the tarot business as a side hustle. 

What started as a fun and financially rewarding project turned into a personally fulfilling side hustle. 

Let's face it, my full time job isn't emotionally fulfilling but my tarot side hustle is. I love that I am able to help clients work through their problems and make decisions with tarot. 

Another awesome part of having a tarot side hustle is that I’m compensated for it monetarily! [Side note: I’m a Taurus and we have a reputation of being  (money-faced) but we just like the security.]

I want to show you how I started my tarot side hustle and the different practical lessons I’ve learned along the way so you can begin your own side hustle.

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