Want to know more about starting a tarot side hustle?

Kickstart Your Online Tarot Side Hustle

An Online Training For You to Turn Your Tarot Reading Skills Into Additional Income without Quitting Your Full Time Job

Want to turn your tarot passion into a side hustle?

You've been giving tarot readings for friends and family for free and you want to start reading for paid clients but you’re not sure where or how to start.

Or you want to earn extra pocket money with your tarot reading skills but the “business” component feels overwhelming.

Or you feel blocked from accepting payment because tarot reading comes naturally to you. (Why would anyone pay for this when it’s so easy?)

Or your full time job isn’t fulfilling and you want to use your tarot skills to help others while being compensated.

If you've nodded to any of the examples, I’m here to help! 

Hi! I'm YQ from Tarot Singapore Online

I've had an online tarot side hustle since 2017 and it has been a great source of joy in my life.

When I first started the side hustle, I was in between jobs and needed to make extra income so I wouldn't deplete my savings.

After I secured my full time job as a e-commerce marketer, I continued with the tarot business as a side hustle. 

What started as a fun and financially rewarding project turned into a personally fulfilling side hustle. 

Let's face it, my full time job isn't emotionally fulfilling but my tarot side hustle is. I love that I am able to help clients work through their problems and make decisions with tarot. 

Another awesome part of having a tarot side hustle is that I’m compensated for it monetarily! [Side note: I’m a Taurus and we have a reputation of being 🤑 (money-faced) but we just like the security.]

I want to show you how I started my tarot side hustle and the different practical lessons I’ve learned along the way so you can begin your own side hustle.

Recorded Online Training

Kickstart Your Online Tarot Side Hustle

tarot side hustle

Here’s everything you’ll learn inside
Kickstart Your Online Tarot Side Hustle

My signature framework for structuring your tarot business to feel confident taking on paying clients
The 3 types of tarot readings to do online and step-by-step instructions for how to deliver them
A formula for how much to charge for your readings
The process to take clients through before and during reading to make sure they leave happy
Time management tips for staying sane

If you're a beginner to tarot, this might not be the best training for you! We don’t want to be googling for every card meaning.

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Kickstart Your Tarot Side Hustle

Kickstart Your Online Tarot Side Hustle is perfect for you if:

You’ve been thinking about getting paid for your readings but feel blocked to charge because tarot reading comes naturally to you.

You already know tarot meanings and want to start reading for paid clients

You want to earn extra pocket money from your tarot skills

You might want to skip this if

You're a beginner to tarot and you're still learning how to read the cards. (If you want to learn the basics of tarot, I suggest looking at my course Tarot for Beginners)
You want to learn how to get tarot gigs or read at fairs. (I prefer online readings because I’m a homebody.)

You want to replace your full time job with tarot. (I like having multiple sources of income and prefer having the security of a full time job.)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure if I’m ready to give tarot readings to strangers, should I take this online training?

I had the same worry too when i started. In this training, I share some of the mindset blocks that prevent people (who are often ready) to start their online side hustle and how to overcome the blocks.

Even if you aren’t ready now, you can get the training to prepare for the day when you are ready. The price goes up after May 21. 

What if I want to learn about how to get tarot gigs for corporate or parties?

The training focuses on online tarot readings as I prefer working from the comforts of my home.

Do I need to buy extra tools to run a tarot side hustle?

It’s unlikely that you need anything beyond what you already own. 

The essentials are a tarot deck (duh), a computer/phone with a webcam and microphone, a phone that can take and send picture.

I’ll be sharing some web apps I use for my tarot side hustle and those are available for free.

How long will this take?

The training itself will take around 60 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.  You can also pre-submit your questions so I cover them in the Q&A.

After learning, you can get your tarot side hustle set up in a weekend.

What if I don't learn anything new?

If you find that you learn nothing new, drop me an email before 27 May and I'll refund you.

I’ve got another question.

Great! Email me at hello[at]tarotsingapore.online and we’ll get it sorted.

Recorded Online Training

Kickstart Your Online Tarot Side Hustle

Money Back Guarantee

If you find that you learn nothing new, drop me an email within a week of purchase and I'll refund you.

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