Tarot Mentoring with YQ

On Voxer/ Telegram/ Whatsapp

S$444 (US$327) for 4 hours

Have you been learning tarot but still don't "get it"?

You have a sound grasp of the basic meanings but not sure how to apply them during a reading.

You "think" you have the card intrepretations but you're hesitating to say it out loud

You're haunted by that time when your friend said the reading doesn't resonate

Get all your tarot reading questions answered with Tarot Mentoring with YQ.

Hello, I'm YQ

Tarot Instructor

Hi, I’m YQ from Tarot Singapore Online (now YQmagic). I’ve been teaching tarot to beginners since 2017.

My class has been featured on Time Out and on Circles.Life’s Discover platform.

By signing up for Tarot Mentoring with YQ, you will get:

A block of four hours with YQ to clarify any Tarot Reading questions so you can read with confidence

Free 1-month access to YQ's Tarot for Beginner's Course (worth S$297) to revise tarot in a structured way

Communication on Voxer/ Telegram/ Whatsapp so we don't have to sit in front of the computer all the time

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be teaching tarot meanings during the four hours?

You will get 1-month access to my Tarot for Beginner's course so you can revise the meanings before our session.

It'll be a much fruitful session if we talk about your practice instead of just tarot meanings.

Why Voxer/ Telegram/ Whatsapp instead of Zoom?

I can't sit still so communicating on a phone app is much more relaxing than sitting in front of Zoom for four hours straight.

You'll also get a copy of our conversation on your phone app.

Will this be voice-based or text-based?

It'll mostly be voiced-based as I find processing information by talking much easier and faster.

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