Hi, YQ here. I like to keep things simple so I only offer thre packages.

Two-card reading [$33]

Suitable for simple questions, such as Yes/No or picking between two choices.

two card tarot

One topic [$55]

A deep dive reading with up to five sub questions per topic.

Two topics [$88]

Two deep dive readings with up to five sub questions per topic.

All readings will be sent through PDF which includes a photo of the cards pulled for you and the reading.

The process

  1. Send in your topic(s) to hello[@]tarotsingapore.online
  2. I’ll let you know if it’s suitable for a reading and break down the topic into smaller questions for the cards, and send the Qs back for confirmation.
  3. Make payment via Paylah, PayNow or Paypal.
  4. Readings to be send in 72 hours after payment confirmation