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online workshop to kick start your tarot journey

Get started reading tarot 

In this online workshop, you'll learn how to get started with tarot by learning the Major Acana. 

You'll also learn the exact process that a tarot reader goes through when reading the cards so you can replicate the steps.

You'll also learn some easy-to-learn tarot spreads to get started.

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Hi, I'm YQ

I've been teaching tarot in Singapore since 2017.

I've had students come in without any knowledge of tarot and are able to start reading by the end of the class.

Due to COVID-19, I've decided to bring my in-person workshop online.

This is part one of three workshops from a live online workshop that I ran.

The Training Bundle Includes

Workshop 1 (2.5 hours)

Exact steps to read tarot
Useful tarot spreads you can implement in daily life
Meanings of Major Arcana cards (22 cards)

Workshop 2 (2 hours)

Meanings of Minor Arcana cards (40 cards - Cups, Swords, Wands, Pentacles)
Understanding the different suits in the minor arcana

Workshop 3 (2.5 hours)

How to interpret Court Cards
Meaning of Court Cards

Student Reviews

"This was the course that really gave me the confidence to come out of the Tarot closet and read for people and complete strangers. The course is well-planned and YQ is enthusiastic and clear in her instruction. 

It's also a good way to meet like-minded people, even if you don't believe in the woo-woo that comes along with Tarot sometimes. Highly recommend."

- Ellie Kay

tarot class in singapore review
tarot singapore review
tarot singapore review

"YQ makes learning tarot easy with her clear explanations. Online lessons suit me perfectly as I'm able to learn at my own pace and replay parts that I'm unsure of. 

Post lesson support channels and sharing of resources are definitely plus points for YQ's workshop."

- E Tan

tarot class in singapore review
tarot class in singapore review
tarot class in singapore review

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