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Using tarot to make sense of the present to help you make better decisions for the future.

Hello! This is YQ. I am not really offering tarot readings for now but I'm keeping this page up!

  • Do you lie awake at night thinking about the same problem over and over again?
  • Do you need to make a decision but don't know which choice to pick?
  • Have you tried vague 'Pick A Tarot Card' offers online or Instagram but still do not have clarity about a situation?

If you need clarity to a situation AND the next action step, book a tarot reading.

I'm all about action steps since just knowing about a situation doesn't help. 

You are the driver of your own destiny, don't give up on that.

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Your questions answered through Telegram text
Each card pull is personalised so we're getting to the root of your problem. (No generic spreads here)
Your tarot reading in text with interpretations of photo of your cards pulled.
Most suitable for one big topic: Career, Relationship, Major projects.

Why a text-based tarot session?

My jaw is quite swollen and I can't talk much.
But it'll be just like a text chat with a friend
You have a focused 30-minute to deep dive into the root cause of your concern
During the session, I'll pull tarot cards to answer your questions.
It's less stressful than a face-to-face session as you have time to think through the card pulls before replying.

How to Book A Reading

1. Book a slot on my calendar and make payment. 

2.  Download Telegram app. You'll receive an email with my Telegram account name.

3. No readings for health or law. Please seek professionals if you need help in those topics.

4. No third party readings--no asking about other people that do not relate to you.


Singapore Tarot Reader Review
Singapore Tarot Reader Review

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