I have weird feelings about manifestation.

On one hand, I like to joke that I’m a discount-manifestor.

The things I ask the universe for come discounted.

Why do I see them as discounted? It’s because I know that the seemingly magical results came from my background and privilege.

For example. I manifested two big things last week.

  • Switching from a broken PC to an iMac at work
  • Getting news that Singapore citizenship was approved(-in-principle) the night after journalling about it

While I did manifest these, I also knew that

  1. The iMac didn’t pop out of nowhere. These was one that wasn’t being used and I just took over it because of my broken PC.
  2. I journalled a lot of other things (that are coming) and the citizenship news was the first to come.
    But I also understand that my privilege as a Malaysian-Chinese with a working womb and high-level education helped me in the citizenship application.

Show me your privilege

I’m sick of manifestation gurus telling us their stories without background information about their privilege.

I want people to be transparent about what they have that brought them to where they are now.

Not sell us on a dream that all would come by just tuning our alignment to the universe’s frequency.

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