Reading for “Yes or No” tarot question is kind of tricky. There’re so many systems out there.

Sometimes people pull one card and depending on whether the card is an odd number or an even number, it means yes or no.

Other times people pull one card and if it’s a Major Arcana, it is a yes, or a Minor Arcana and it is a no.

I don’t use these systems because I find that if it’s just a one card pull, it’s not very effective.

Because sometimes you pull a card and think, “I don’t get it?”

Two-card yes or no question

Here’s how I read “Yes or No” Tarot questions. I pull two cards for each and compare them.

For example, if we’re reading for “Will I get this job?” Left for Yes, right for No.

Why do we compare two cards instead of just one card?

For me in my view, “yes or no” is not black or white but it’s actually a range.

There is a possibility of both. Just like the Schrodinger cat situation. Is the cat dead, is the cat not dead?

Comparing both sides

After you flip the cards, you determine which side has more weight.

On the left for yes, we have Ace of Wands. And on the right we have The Hierophant.

Here’s my rating system

  • Major Arcana > Minor Arcana
  • Positive cards > Negative cards
  • Mature Court card > Younger Court card

Based on the system, the possibility of “No” is higher because of the Major Arcana. Adding on The Hierophant to the interpretation, perhaps someone with power or influence is blocking it from happening.

But Ace of Wands is a relatively positive card, the possibility of “Yes” is still there, especially if the question involves new opportunities.

What if all cards are negative?

I had a situation where I pulled 10 of Swords for yes and Three of Swords for no.

My answer for the client was, “Well if you’re making this choice, both might not happen.

“And even if yes does happen, because it’s a 10 of Swords, it will be super hard.

“And then, if no happens you’ll be very heart broken.”

The last step– the action card

And in a situation like the cards are not that great, I pull one more card to see what the client should do next.

But even if the cards are positive, you can still pull one more as “What’s the next action?”

In a Tarot reading, having a next step is very important, because our future is controlled by us.

We have the ability to impact the future. We are the story writer of our story.

So, pulling the one more card to show what action you should take, is very important.


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