I was thinking that nothing much happened in 2021 because of my three surgeries (I maxed out my 60 days hospitalization leave!).

But when I looked at my 2020 review post, I thought I should put something together so I can look back at the year and remember what I’ve survived.

Similar to last year’s post, I’ll sprinkle in relevant astrology transits to my chart.

Here’s an overview of 2021 and 2022. Good news is that 2022 will be very chilled with nothing much hitting me. (I need the break but I also want to have stuff out, let’s see how I ride it.)

January 2021

I was really winding down my extra curricular activities to get ready for my surgery on the 29th of January.

I did manage to run an online workshop Building Your Career Profile with Astrology. This is partly based on my full Career Profiling consultation.

Thankful to everyone who joined.

Surgery 1 on 29 January

This year, I would have three surgeries. The first was the major surgery where part of my jaw is sawed off and a silicone is placed inside for the mouth to heal around it.

Since the mouth is a fickle wound site (I find out in the next 12 months), the doctors decided to implant bones six weeks after the surgery so that it would heal well.

When I woke up from my surgery, my first thought was, “Oh shit, there’s no turning back.” I had tubes going in and coming out of different parts of my body.

I spent the first night at the Intensive Care Unit (most horrible–noisy and smelly) and then three nights in an A1 ward because I managed to get very good insurance a while back.

I was on tube feeding for two weeks. I think the doctors inserted the tube wrongly so I was in constant pain. I also couldn’t eat anything. For a Taurus, this drove me close to crazy.

My tube feeding schedule which I didn’t follow because it’s very sad to tube feed.

I had the Harry Potter audiobooks on for most of the time as a way of passing time. It was great to have something familiar during recovery.

February 2021

My dear sister let me stay at her place during recovery. I spent my days lying down mostly, watching Netflix on the big screen.

I’m a mostly positive person but being tube-fed with the tube poking into my throat 24/7 made me very depressed. I even broke down crying when the doctor said I couldn’t take it out earlier.

I coped by just counting down to the day when my tube would be taken out.

I also coped by visualizing the 14 days of tube feeding on a calendar. If you zoom out, it’s not that many days in a year. And not that many days in my whole lifetime.

Astrology observation: Chiron (the planetary body of wounding and healing) was directly on my Ascendant for a period of time during recovery. It coincided with the most painful days.

Something exciting happened during the month! The Esplanade got in touch with my team (lol, just me and one other person) about staging our presentation improv comedy show.

Oh! I watched The Night Stalker during the month. Not being able to talk led me to using computer-generated voice for content. I analyzed Richard Ramirez’s birth chart and it’s one of my most popular posts.




March 2021

I didn’t do much tarot/ astrology during the month because I was healing from surgery and mentally preparing for it.

March 26 was my second surgery.

For this round, my mother came down to help take care of me during recovery. She had to spend two weeks in quarantine and another 10 days on her way back to Malaysia.

Another 2 weeks of tube feeding


April 2021

Spent most of the month (till April 23) on hospitalization leave.

Recovery was so much better since it’s implanting of bones and my tube was placed properly this time.

I ran a birthday sale, bundling my Astrology and Tarot trainings. I like birthday bundles so I’m thinking of what to launch for 2022 since I’ve not done much new trainings in 2021.

May & June 2021

I ran a workshop that had been on my mind for a long time — Kickstart Your Online Tarot Side Hustle: Turn your tarot reading skills into additional income without quitting your full time job.

Things were healing well until I had a strange inflammation in my jawbones.

I was on antibiotics for more than a month. And the doctor decided that they had to stick a tiny tube into my face to drain out the pus.

Astrological observation: I remembered I started going to the National Dental Centre EVERYDAY since Uranus (change and chaos) trine my natal Mars (action, and rules my chart so basically is the boss of me) around June 12.

They say that trines are good aspects but whatever it was just flipped my life upside down.


July 2021

I had my first COVID vaccine shot on July 4. I didn’t realize it until I had the shot that astrologically it was a nice timing (benefic planet Venus crossing the ascendant). I didn’t have much fever and was just tired.

I started taking sign language classes at the Community Centre. Unlike some of my classmates who want to help the Deaf community, I just thought it would be fun. And I’ve promptly forgotten most of it by now.

August 2021

I did a free astrology webinar on people pleasing which was to lead into my own astrology course.

Honestly, this was the least attended webinar that I’ve run. I have theories why but I’ll work on more astrology content for 2022 and see how that goes.

This month, I “graduated” from my Professional Astrologer’s programme this month. I have fraudy feelings about being an “astrologer” though I have buckets load of astrology knowledge.

This month, I renunciated my Malaysian citizenship. On 21 August, I became a Singapore citizen.

September 2021

I started looking for a house since single 35 year olds are able to buy government-subsidized housing.

I managed to snag a slot during the Open Booking of Flats but decided not to go ahead.

October 2021

I had my third (and final) surgery on 14 October. (I’m quite alarmed that I’ve blanked out so much that I have to look at my calendar for the date.)

Since I’ve almost used up all of my hospitalization leave, I only have 16 days of rest before I went back to work on November 1.

I had ANOTHER inflammation/ swelling on the 22nd.


November 2021

No tarot/ astrology launches this month.

December 2021

Had my Citizenship Ceremony on 11 December. They had it in batches and no friends or family were allowed.

I trialled Tarot Tuition this month. It was fun!


Astrology observation: From March 2021 to February 2022, Neptune semisquares my Sun which brings up a feeling of hopelessness, that I’m a victim of sort. Hopefully once it passes, the whole jaw situation will be ok.


At the point of writing, I have a super fuzzy memory of 2021. The whole jaw situation seems to take up more than 70% of my mind space because of the post-surgery infections.

I’m still dealing with that in January 2022. I hope it goes away and I have a good year.


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