2022 was a very strange year for me.

In last year’s recap, I mentioned “Good news is that 2022 will be very chilled with nothing much hitting me.”

Turns out “nothing much” is not good news but a heavy sense of ennui.

2022 was the least “productive” when it comes to my YQmagic side hustle and my improv show side hustle. These two used to be the things I looked forward to after work. But in 2022, I started disconnecting from them both mentally though there are no external factors that are pushing me to do so.


Similar to previous years (see 2020 and 2021), I’ll share the year’s astrological transit as a reference.

As you can see, most of the transits are just one to two lines so it’s not that impactful. Even the more “stacked” transits are internal ones (progressions which I’ve shaded in gray) so it’s not something in the physical world.

Aside from the nothing-much-going-on transits, I believe that having transit Jupiter in Pisces in my 12th house had “expanded” my need for introspection and seclusion.

While I like the solitude and quiet hours, I hated that I wasn’t being active but couldn’t muster up any energy to do anything. When Jupiter went into Aries, I felt a small burst of energy and started my podcast–Practically Spiritual Podcast.

Solar return chart with more info

While I felt nothing much happened, once I sat down and thought about it, there were some important events this year.

One thing was: I bought a house. This is a major milestone and I’m very thankful that I’m writing in my study in the new house now with lots of space (well… as much space as I can get with a single-person income in Singapore.)

I officially started looking for a house in July 2021 (yes, it was that long ago) when I engaged with a real estate agent. She was in the astrology class of one of my astrology/Japanese language classmates and announced that she had gotten her license. (Let me know if you’d like her contact.)

I was the worst kind of client–didn’t really caring if I found a house or not. I was so lazy that the agent even told me to try bidding for a new house which I did on two occasions–once I was successful but didn’t like the available units and the other time I wasn’t early enough in the queue.

I wasn’t hurrying because I was sure that 2022 would be the year when I have a house.

I was certain because my solar return chart for 2022 has a cluster of planets in the fourth house of real estate and home.

Eventually, I did find a unit that I like enough. In between the long renovation, I had some anxiety-inducing events as my agent very dedicatedly helped me appeal for subsidized toilet renovations. (This saved me at least $2,500 in renovation fees.)

Renovations took a long while from June to early October–also because I was very laissez-faire about the details. I simply didn’t have enough mental space to worry about the details of a renovation. And my contractor was a person that I see as reliable.

I finally moved in October–the only reason being my mom had booked tickets to come over and I had to move in before that. My former landlady was very kind to let me stay for extra days at the start of the month while I moved my things day by day.

Other things I remember

Since the year wasn’t very eventful (or my brain just couldn’t be bothered to store them as memories), there’s a laundry list of the things that have happened this year:

I had a follow-up minor surgery in April which was to implant gums into my surgery site for healing.

Then in December, a bigger surgery to implant more bones into my jaw as the previous bone graft had dissolved away.

I always thought that I was stoic about my surgery–accepting it as what is necessary. But subconsciously, the thought of it is like a parasite, slowly eating me up without me knowing.


After months of overthinking about having a podcast, I launched one–. Practically Spiritual Podcast.

It was a relief when I realized that I didn’t have to be “consistent” with the content–though I do know the benefit of consistency when being a “business”.

The tie-ing as most popular episodes are: Episode 1: My Practically Spiritual Journey and Episode 3: How does tarot work (and a reading about me and this podcast).


Tarot workshops
I ran two in-person tarot workshops and would like to run more in 2023. Venue is the biggest problem for now because it’s not profitable if I keep renting places to teach–even the cheapest is still a cut from the earnings.


Improv shows I co-produce
(Technically this isn’t something that’s YQmagic related but I wanted to have this here too as I’m not just YQmagic but have other identities–something I have a hard time blending.)

This year, we could finally have live in-person shows. The presentation slide-based comedy show that I run PowerPoint Karaoke (PPTK) had six shows this year which included a dating-based show.

We also staged a show at The Esplanade–one of our big goals. But I was very much worrying about my surgery that I only put in the work close to show day and dumped everything on my partner. Not good at all.

I will put in my usual effort in the show after Jupiter is in Aries as I’m finally getting my energy back.


Coming up in 2023

Based on next year’s astrology, there are more events that will impact me. (Look at the stack of red bars around the middle of the chart.)

Pluto–the planet of transformation/destruction-of-what-is-not-working–is moving into Aquarius and will hit some of my natal planets.

Pluto transits have not been comfortable for me (or for most people) because, during this period, you’re asked to take a look at your life and really see that the maladaptive ways of living aren’t going to work anymore.

Of course, if we’re able to use these transit productively instead of feeling like a victim and having things “happen to us”, it would be better.

I’m not that sure what will happen but check back with me in 2024.

Separately, I want to run in-person new moon gatherings. I’ve had some previously and I do like seeing other people and sharing about moon and astrology stuff.

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