In my post for 2022 review, I said “Based on [2023]’s astrology, there are more events that will impact me. (Look at the stack of red bars around the middle of the chart.)

Well, I haven’t felt the impact much last year, despite the prediction.

The positive thing is I have more energy for my improv shows so that part of me has grown the most since my surgery.

Venus Retrograde + Eclipse cycle observation

What was most interesting/impactful for me was the Venus Retrograde in Leo from July to September.

I don’t share about the deeper/secret parts of my life because I don’t think it’s anyone’s business–and I like to wallow in self pity.

It’s rather embarrassing to write about this but it is such an interesting observation that I want to keep it as a record.

Back in 2015, from July to September, there was a Leo-Virgo (14 deg-0 deg) Venus Retrograde.

And a Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees in my 7th house of Libra on April 4, 2015. I’ve always thought that it didn’t impact me but now that I’m looking at the degrees, it was opposite my Mercury and squared my Capricorn.

On that very day, and I remember it distinctly because of the eclipse, I fell into an obsession with a person. It was full out crazy.

One thing you have to know me is that my crushes can spand years. That lingering obsession didn’t stop even with all the signs and verbal confirmation that the person didn’t want me as a romantic partner.

After having all those No Thank You signs in front of my face, it wasn’t until I was at the tail end of the 2023 Venus Retrograde that the clouds in my head parted and I could clearly see that it would not work out.

And it was then that my feelings for the person completely died. No more butterflies.

I’ve learned that Retrograde cycles in the same signs can have the same lessons. And the flame was snuffed out in the same Venus Retrograde in Leo cycle.

2023 solar return chart

Unlike last year, I didn’t really “feel” my solar return chart too strongly with the planets scattered all over the place.

I do feel the Jupiter in Aries 2H (spending money furiously). But that is also compounded by Uranus in Taurus in my second house (unstable finances).


I think 2023 wasn’t such an impactful year because most of the transits will spill over into 2024.

During the period, I’ll be continuously learning lessons and won’t get them fully until the transits end.

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