Curious about learning tarot?

Here's an introductory class for you

If you're just getting started with tarot, here's a special offer for one of my most popular beginner-level training.

Tarot From Zero: Getting Started Learning Tarot & Read Tarot For Yourself

In this course, you will learn how to get started with tarot so that you can be comfortable reading cards for yourself.

With my method, you do not even need to have a tarot deck to get started. (It'll be a plus if you do have a deck.)

You will learn

  •     What most beginners get wrong when learning how to read tarot
  •     How to read tarot for yourself without a deck (I've used this method for YEARS and still get good advice)
  •     How to pick a deck that makes it easier for you to learn
  •     How to learn tarot daily

While this training doesn't cover the interpretation for all 78 cards in the deck (I have a separate course for that), it's a great start for anyone who's new to tarot.

What you get when you purchase the training:
Access toe the online school and the lessons

Your instructor

I'm a tarot and astrology practitioner.

I've been teaching tarot since 2017.

My class has been featured on Time Out as well as Circles.Life's Discover platform.

While I do offer tarot readings for clients, my ultimate goal is for everyone to be able to use tarot for themselves for empowerment.

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