YQmagic's 9.9 sale

Hi! It's YQ from YQmagic.

It's 9.9 sales period and I'm launching an experimental offer--YQcash.

YQcash is similar to a shopping voucher. Each YQcash $ 1 is  the same value as 1 SGD (Singapore dollar).

Once purchased (or earned), you can use it for my current courses, my consultations (tarot or astrology) and any future paid training or bundles that I launch.

For a reference, here's everything I'm currently offering: https://tarotsingapore.online/everything/

PS YQcash is inspired by Elizabeth Goddard's Credit to Your Business course (affiliate link). It's only US$9 and teaches you the concept behind using credits in your business.

Options for YQcash

YQcash $30 for SGD 25.5 (15% off) [BUY NOW]

YQcash $50 for SGD 40 (20% off) [BUY NOW]

YQcash $100 for SGD 70 (30% off) [BUY NOW]

Most popular

YQcash $200 for SGD 120 (40% off) [BUY NOW]

YQcash $1000 for SGD 500 (50% off)  [BUY NOW]

Best value

Secure Checkout


You'll be brought to a safe and secure Stripe page for payment.

This special offer is available until the countdown runs out

Terms and Conditions

- YQcash will be valid for a year. You can spend them from September 9, 2021 to September 8, 2022.

- If you want to spend some or all of your YQcash, email me and I'll either give you a coupon for the course/consultation or give you direct access to the course.

- YQcash cannot be spent retroactively (it doesn't cover previous purchases or instalments that are ongoing.)

- You can use it for anything I offer (even consultations), except in-person events (which might be coming!)

- YQcash is non-refundable, non-shareable (cannot be split among people) and doesn't roll over.

- Other T&Cs apply

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