Learn Tarot in 30 Days

That tarot deck you bought doesn’t have to sit in the corner and collect dust.


You have the ability to read and interpret tarot cards.


Learning tarot can seem overwhelming, I know. Especially when you look at the 78 cards and all you can feel is nervousness.




You’re probably tired of 

❌Spending hours looking at the little white book and still not getting the tarot card meanings.

❌Picking a tarot card and immediately blanking out on what it means

❌Heading straight for Google to explain the tarot cards you just pulled


I know because I was just like you at the start of my tarot journey.


30 Days of Major Arcana

Start Learning How to Read Tarot with the 22 Most Important Cards

30 days of bite-sized lessons on the major arcana

1st to 30th October 2019

In this 30-day online course, you will receive bite-size lessons focusing on how to read tarot using the Major Arcana cards.

During the month of October, you will receive a daily email with a video of the day’s lessons.

The videos will be available on the course site for you to access forever.

If you wish to have more interaction with the course creator YQ, upgrade to The Sun package where you will get access to a Facebook Group where there will be discussion questions to help you learn better.

Start Learning How to Read Tarot with the 22 Most Important Cards

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m YQ from Tarot Singapore Online.


October is Halloween month and I thought of doing something fun with the community.


I realise a lot of people are curious about tarot but don’t know where to start. I want to change that.


In this 30-day course, you will receive one video each day with a lesson on tarot, focusing on the major arcana cards.


I feel that this is an easy way to start learning tarot as it cuts down on the overwhelm with just bite-sized lessons.

Singapore Tarot Reader

Available packages

tarot_singapore online

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why is the course just the Major Arcana and not all the cards?
Learning all 78 tarot cards can be overwhelming. By starting with the 22 Major Arcana cards, you’re able to learn with ease. In the future, I’ll be launching a Minor Arcana course too.
  1. I don’t have the time to follow the daily lessons. Should I still sign up?
No problem, you will have forever access to the videos even after the course has ended. You can watch them anytime you like.
  1. I’ve never taken an e-course and I don’t know if I can learn well.
The advantage of an online course is that you can go back to the material again and again. If you want to have me help you with questions during the course, ou can also subscribe to The Sun package where you have access to the Facebook Group where I will be posting discussion questions. And I run in-person classes in Singapore if you would rather do so. Dates for October and November are available.
  1. Do I need a deck to before taking the class?
While it’s not necessary to have a deck since I’ll be showing the cards in the video. It is best if you do have one so you can look at yours (and start reading the cards!) as you go along.
  1. I already know tarot. Is this course for me?
This course is for tarot newbies but you’re welcome to join. You might find info on the Major Arcana that you hadn’t learned before.

WORKSHOP Testimonials

I’ve been running tarot workshops since 2017. Here are some testimonials

I really enjoyed myself and learnt so much. I've been practicing with friends and colleagues and I'm feeling much more confident after our session.
Thanks 🙏🏻 It was great attending your class. Now I read tarot. And it is much easier for me to understand the meaning and structure.
Before the workshop, I didn't feel confident reading for others as I'm unsure if I'm accurate or not. I didn't know how to best use spreads or how to phrase my asking to get a clearer picture.

The workshop was casual but serious at the same time as YQ was serious in teaching 😉 patient. When I spot something curious about the cards, she would pause and explain.

I felt energized after the workshop and I am more confident in trusting my intuition and messages from the tarot were clearer and flow easier.

Available packages

After making payment, you will receive an email from YQ within 24 hours inviting you to the course.

The course site will be ready before October 1st. 

In October, you will receive a daily email with a video of the day’s lessons. The videos will be available on the course site for you to access forever.

Take a look at the course site