Scorpio New Moon free reading

Reading from 18 November to 17 December 2017

Our current New Moon is on Saturday, November 18, 7:42pm. It’s in the house of rebirth, secrets and sex Scorpio.

Is there anything you wish to work on in those areas? Think about the question and pick a card for advice.

tarot scorpio new moon reveal

If you chose the card on top: The Fool

🌟This Scorpio new moon season, step into the unknown bravely even if you have no map.

Have you been the cautious, constant planner? Strip that away and just jump into the pool.

It’s only by doing can you see if it’s something you’d like in the long run.

If it turns out you don’t like the path, then choose another. At least you’ve tried.🌟

If you chose the card on the left: 10 of Swords

⚔️This Scorpio new moon starts out heavy for you.

Have you been carrying a heavy burden? It’s time to let it go and go for a new start.

If you’ve been holding on to something and not seen any result, it might be time to surrender and move on.

Acknowledge that things didn’t go as awesome as you had wanted.

Close this door, another will open.⚔️

If you chose the card in the middle: 4 of Wands

🎉It’s time to break out the champagne and celebrate. You deserve it.

If your dream requires help from others, don’t be shy, ask for help.

You have a whole village/support network who are more than willing to help out and cheer on your success.🎉

If you chose the card on the right: 7 of Pentacles

💰This Scorpio new moon is all about planting seeds so you can harvest them in the future.

Set up systems and tools now and reap the benefits six months down the road.

It’s also totally OK for you to pat yourself on the back over the work you’ve put in.💰

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