Hi! It’s time for another New Moon group tarot reading.

This New Moon is on Wednesday, 16 February 05:05 (GMT +8), in Aquarius, the House of Teams and Friendship.

Think of what you want to manifest in relation to teamwork. Let’s see what the cards say. You can still refine the goals after knowing the answer of your card.

For this reading, we’re using the After Tarot, it’s based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck and I find them such a delight because they show the scenes that happen after the original tarot cards.




new moon aquarius tarot reading


If you chose the card on top: Page of Wands

🔥 It is time for you to set out and make your mark in the world.

You’ve lived a sheltered and easy life but your heart wants more.

Take this as a sign for you to chase after your passion and dreams.

You might need to leave people behind for your own growth. It’s for the better. 🔥


If you chose the card on the left: Knight of Pentacles

💰In relation to group work, You are ready to take on the leadership role.

You do have the long-term vision that has the potential to bring in profit.

You might have to change how things are being done currently so things can be more efficient. You can do this, people believe in you.💰


If you chose the card in the middle: Ace of Cups

❤You might find new relationships and new people to work with this new moon season.

Step outside of your comfort zone and meet new people because sparks may fly.

You might be able to find an emotionally fulfilling group project this new moon season too~

If you chose the card on the right: Ace of Pentacles

💵New money-generating projects might be coming!

But you’ll also need to step out of the familiar to find it. This new project might also be something that’s not very typical and can be a surprise (and delight) for your future customers.



With the wisdom from the cards, you can refine your goals. Within 24 hours of the New Moon on Wednesday, 16 February 05:05 (GMT +8), write down your intentions to make it concrete.


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