new moon in aries

Welcome to the New Moon in Aries group tarot reading. We’re doing things differently this time.

I’ve pulled one card each for your birth month. Check out what the advice the cards have for your new moon manifestation.

What you need to do for the new moon is write down your goals and dreams. File them away, work on them and check back in about six months.

So let’s take a look at the readings.

Looking at the overall cards, we’ll need to put things in the past before we can move forward.

Born in January: Page of Cups
A good period for relationships and diving deep into your emotions. You’re just starting out so look for help from more experienced folks so you won’t be overwhelmed.

Born in February: Five of Cups
You might be carrying some heavy disappointments from the past. Stop crying over split milk and look at the good things that are still in your life.

Born in March: Six of Cups
Look into your past and see what had brought you joy. Those are good directions to go into. There’s also a need for you to be more free and childlike with your emotions, asking without the need for anything in return.

Born in April: Temperance
Patience and practice are required this period. Once you’ve gotten a hang of it, you’ll be able to perform the work that you’re manifesting with your eyes closed.

Born in May: Ace of Pentacles
Money is coming your way! Have a seed of an idea? Water and fertilize it so it will grow.

Born in June: Three of Swords
You might be bringing heartache and sorrow from the previous seasons. Before you can move on, try to heal yourself so you’ll have the energy to manifest for your greater good.

Born in July: Eight of Pentacles
Hard work and diligence are key this season. You’re already halfway with making your dreams come true. Put your head down and work for it.

Born in August: The Moon
There’s a sense of confusion and murkiness when it comes to your wish. Do you know exactly what you want? If you don’t, you’ll manifest something that’s not what you actually desire.

Born in September: Five of Swords
If your wish involves the help of other people, keep your eyes open for people who might take advantage of you. This card also reminds us to be kind instead of cruel when we have the upper hand.

Born in October: Two of Swords
Too many people want to give you their advice. Close your eyes and ears, listen to your heart instead of being swayed by them.

Born in November: Ace of Wands
A good sign if you’re dreaming of starting something new. You’ll have the passion, creativity and drive to start the project. We’ll talk about completing the project some other time.

Born in December: The Hanged Man
This time is for waiting. Instead of trying to rush your dreams, sit back and wait for it to materialize.


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