New Moon in Aries (15˚17′) happens on 5 April at 16:50 for us in the Singapore region.

Depending on where the new moon lands in your birth chart, you can use this to manifest different goals.

Aries is about starting new projects and taking charge. This is a period to be brave and a bit naive so you can go for what you want fearlessly.

What would you like to manifest in the next six months? Pick a card to help guide your way.

Left, Centre or Right?

Singapore Tarot Reader

The new moon in Aries is special for me because my rising sign is Aries. It signifies how I appear to others and my knee jerk reaction to the world–pioneering, fiery, straightforward, brave and a bit selfish.

Since we’re talking about an Aries new moon, this is a great time to focus on how you can be brave and pioneering. Depending on which house the moon falls in, this can be your focus.

What card did you pick? Let’s see what advice the cards have.

Singapore Tarot Reader

Left: Six of Wands

It’s a period of celebration for you. You have achieved what you had set off to do in the past year. Join in the parade that is held solely in your honour.

This is a good time to dream of what other acheivements you want to reach. Besides the specific goal, take time to think of the feelings you are hoping to get when you hit the goal.

Take this feeling (achievement/ joy/ celebration) and live your life as if you are feeling it as you work towards your goal. This would give you more satisfaction than just checking off a box.

Centre: Three of Swords

When I first saw this, my heart dropped. How could a card about heartache and disappointment be a guide for a manifestation.

Then I remembered that this card is also about healing yourself after a heartache. Instead of letting the three swords continue to pierce your heart, pull them out and let your body heal.

This means moving on from past disappointments, learning from the mistakes and heal from it.

Sure, like the song says “first cut is the deepest”. Try to heal from it and then you will have the courage to pursue your new adventures.

Right: Four of Pentacles

Aries is the baby of the zodiac and they can be pretty selfish and self-indulgent.

The appeareance of Four of Pentacles show that its is OK to hold on to what you have gained.

But if you want growth, you will need to go beyond what you already have to reach further.

Don’t be too focused on what you have right now, instead, dream of something bigger and reach for it.


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