The upcoming New Moon will be on July 3, 2019 at 03:16am in Singapore. There’s also a solar eclipse too at the same time.

The New Moon/ solar eclipse will be at Cancer 10°37′. Take a look at your birth chart and see which house this falls in.

Cancer as an astrology sign is about the home, our mother, how we nurture ourselves and our emotional security. Thinks of areas related to this when you set your intentions for manifestations.

Pick a card to help with your New Moon manifestation. Left, Middle or Right.

brokenisntbad tarot

Major Arcana deck by @broken_isnt_bad

brokenisntbad tarot

With the advice from the cards, set your intention within 48 hours of July 3, 2019, 03:16am to take advantage of the New Moon.

Left: The Chariot

You will have the drive to turn your intentions into reality. Know that you are aided on your journey. Your mind will take you further than you can imagine. Take advantage of this energy to make your dreams come true.

Middle: The Hierophant

Someone who’s in tune with the mysteries or esoteric principles is able to guide you in this journey to making your dreams a reality. Learn from this person and the world will be in your hands.

Right: The Tower

For growth to happen, we have to break out of our comfort zones. It might feel like everything is crumbling to pieces. Or it literally would. But just jump into the unknown and you will be caught.


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