Hi! It’s time for another New Moon group tarot reading.

This New Moon is on Wednesday, January 17, 10:17am (GMT +8), in Capricorn, the House of Status and Ambition.
capricorn new moon tarot reading

Think of what you want to manifest in relation your ambitions. Let’s see what the cards say. You can still refine the goals after knowing the answer of your card.

For this reading, we’re using the Smith-Waite Tarot Centennial Edition Deck. It’s one of my favourite tarot decks, especially good for beginners too.





If you chose the card on top: Ace of Wands

🔥 This Capricorn new moon season, you are feeling the drive to achieve many things this year.

Ace of Wands says you will be able to start something new, especially one that relates to creativity and passion.

But instead of trying to go into multiple directions, pick on that you are most passionate about.

Focus on one thing at a time, that’ll help you accomplish more. 🔥


If you chose the card on the left: 5 of Cups

🍵This Capricorn new moon season, you might still be feeling disappointment from not achieving some of the goals last year.

2018 is a new year! Acknowledge what you had missed but also take a look at how much you have achieved last year.

Dig deep to explore why you didn’t manage to complete last year’s goals. Learn from the lessons and start afresh.🍵


If you chose the card in the middle: 4 of Pentacles

💰You seem to be holding a bit too tightly onto your possessions and achievements. You’re afraid of losing whatever you have achieved in the past.

What is yours will be yours, don’t worry so much. Instead of being complacent about achieving many goals last year, aim for something higher.

Find new goals and knock them out of the park. You are capable of a lot more!💰


If you chose the card on the right: Knight of Cups

You have gone through quite a bit of emotional growth in the past year. With that experience under your belt, you’re ready to charge into a new stage of your life.

The Knight of Cups also reminds us to be more in touch with our emotions and intuition when setting our goals for the new year.

Relationships might take centre stage with this card too.


With the wisdom from the cards, you can refine your goals. Within 24 hours of the New Moon on Wednesday, January 17, 10:17am (GMT +8), write down your intentions to make it concrete.


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