Welcome to the new moon group tarot reading. Our upcoming new moon is on 14 June at 03:43am (GMT +8). It falls at 22° Gemini.

For a new moon in Gemini, you can set your intentions related to communication, education, thoughts and electronic devices.

Set an intention for the next six months and let’s see what advice the cards have.

gemini new moon tarot

Personally, the new moon falls in my third house of communication.

I’ve been in a slump when it comes to filming videos and writing new blog posts, so I plan to set intentions related to this blog.

gemini new moon blog results

Left: Queen of Pentacles

Know that you′re safe and protected, especially when it comes to material goods and comfort.

If you′re looking to expand your income, now′s a good time to look out for a mature female or feminine person who is generous and can help you get a leg up in business.

Work at the pace you′re comfortable with, and be grateful for everything that is in your life.

Middle: Five of Swords

If you′re currently in a conflict with different parties, know that the results will be revealed soon.

You might be the winning party, but at what expense?

Be empathetic to others. Even if you think you′re in the right, put yourself in their shoes and share the loot with them too.

Choose to be kind.

Right: Six of Swords

It is time to move on from whatever had hurt you in the past. It doesn′t mean fully escaping it and putting it behind you..

Carry the lessons and learn from it. Greener pastures are ahead when you can forgive yourself and others.

Be kind to yourself.

Deck: Radiant Rider-Waite (One of my new decks that I′ve grown to like.)


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