I’ve had my eyes on the Golden Botticelli tarot for a long time. I just didn’t have the excuse to buy another set of tarot deck when I had my trusty Halloween Tarot.

But since starting this tarot business, I realized that some situations need more solemn cards than the cheerfully creepy Halloween Tarot in a Tin.

So using a bookdepository.com’s 10% off sale as an excuse, I bought three decks, including the Golden Botticelli tarot.

The deck

The Golden Botticelli tarot comes in a box. The box and the cards have gold color inlaid in them so it sparkles and shines.

At first I wasn’t terribly impressed by the gold because I had higher expectations. But after using it for some readings, I’ve grown fond of the sparkling beauty.

The cards are adapted from Botticelli’s artworks so there are characters whom we are quite familiar with.

Venus from the sea for example is The World while the two winds are Lovers.

Some of the characters are more obscure.

Because of Botticelli’s art style, The Emperor doesn’t look like he has much power, though The Empress does look like she’ll met justice fairly.

Some of the minor arcana cards are different from Rider-Waite-Smith.

  • Three of Swords — I like this change a lot. RWS decks have a heart with three swords piercing into it. But this shows a man who has given up on life being dragged by the hair. I like the lady who’s dragging him by the hair.
  • Nine of Pentacles — Instead of the richly dressed woman with her garden full of harvest, we have a man who has a lot of money but doesn’t feel satisfied.
  • Nine of Cups — Instead of the rich man sitting smugly in front of his goblets, we have a bunch of old men at a feasting table.


After using the Golden Botticelli for client readings, I’ve grown fond of it.

I like how the gold inlay catches the light while I do video readings, and how solemn they look in photos.

If you like Botticelli’s artworks, do consider getting a set of this.


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