Today we’re talking about what to do when a tarot card falls out while you’re shuffling.

The term for tarot cards that fall out while you’re shuffling is called jumpers.

They are called that not because it’s warm, but it’s because they kind of jump out when you’re shuffling and falls onto the table.

Sometimes jumper happens because you’re just bad at shuffling, and it’s totally fine.

And for myself, when I see a tarot card fall out while I’m shuffling, it really depends on how it happened.

So if there are a lot of cards that fall out, I would think that it’s just me bad at shuffling. Then I put everything back and reshuffle them.

For example, if I’m shuffling and five cards fall out, I’ll just put them back in.

When I use jumper cards

The only time I actually use jumper cards is when I’m shuffling confidently, and one particular card falls out, and lands face up on the table.

Or it could jump and flip open in my hands while I’m shuffling.

In those cases, I would take the card out and put it on the side to read together in the reading.

I give them attention because I feel that the tarot card that jumps out wants to be seen for the particular reading.

I put it aside and then interpret it along with the other cards.

For example, if the Queen of Wands falls out while I’m shuffling for a tarot reading, I put it aside. I pull out the cards for the rest of the spread and see how to add the jumper card in.

In this case, perhaps the energy of the Queen of Wands (charismatic, creative, passionate and leadership) is overseeing the whole reading.

Jumper cards aren’t really required to be read

And of course, if you’re not comfortable reading jumper cards, it’s OK not to.

I know some readers don’t do it at all.

Or readers who put the jumper card back in and see whether it comes out again or not, just for the sake of curiosity. For them, it’s really nothing.

So how about yourself? Do you put significance on cards that jump out? If you do let me know in the comments.

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Marcelle Belanger · February 6, 2021 at 12:33 am

I always keep the jumper cards. I’m wondering what to do when several fall together. Do I read the top card only or do I read them all??

    YQ · February 7, 2021 at 5:47 pm

    Since you’ve made the choice to keep jumper cards (versus how I decide which to keep and which not to use), you can decide whether you want to read the other jumper cards.

    Personally, if there are more than 2 jumper cards, I suspect the shuffling is an issue instead of so many cards actually wanting to be part of the reading.

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