Welcome to the new moon group tarot reading. Our upcoming new moon is on 11 August 2018, 17:57 (GMT +8), falling in Leo.

What’s even more awesome with this new moon is that there’s a partial solar eclipse at 16:02:08 (GMT +8) on the same day! We can’t see the solar eclipse here in Southeast Asia but just know that it’s there.

Something more to celebrate, the new moon in Leo falls in the fifth house which relates to creative self-expression and romance. Sexy vibes all around.

So think of your intention/wish for the new moon in Leo and pick a card below. (Or use all three of them as your guide.)

new moon leo (1)

I’ve learnt that eclipses bring out secrets that are hidden. And this has happened to me at least twice within 30 days following lunar eclipses. It’s not the most pleasant but at least I was prepared for it.

Though it sounds scary, it’s better in the long run because what doesn’t serve you is ending. So have courage.

For this reading, I’m using the After Tarot, a delightful deck that features the characters or situations right after the scenes in the popular Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

Ready for wisdom from tarot?

I think this is the first time I have all three cards that are amazing! I love this incoming vibe.

Left: Queen of Wands

This card is perfect for the Leo new moon because of her energy.

The Queen of Wands is one of my favourites. She is my go-to Queen when I need a boost in confidence.

She is passionate, creative and a leader that people look up to. She holds a wand and a sunflower in her hands: the wand signifies holding onto your creativity and passions while the sunflower tells us to follow the sun (light) and be positive.

Middle: The Chariot

Usually, The Chariot is about charging ahead fearlessly. This is great as a career card since it’s about putting in the work required to make s**t happen.

But interestingly, for the After Tarot, the man in the Chariot seems to be looking at his phone and GPS.

The advice is that you’re on the right track but also check in to make sure that you’re moving in the right direction. And find the right methods or people who can bring you to your goals faster.

Right: The Magician

The usual Magician card is about having all your tools ready to start. But for the After Tarot, it seems like the party has already started.

Look back at your ongoing projects and see which you want to keep and toss away those that you don’t want to.

You are the master of the elements and of your own fate. Be confident that you are able to overcome future problems with what you already have.

There is just so many amazing energies with this month’s group reading.

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