I don’t usually do full moon tarot readings but I thought that the full moon in Libra is a good opportunity.

This full moon falls in the personal relationship house, whether it’s romantic, family or business.

Since relationships are the foundation of many of our worries and happiness, I thought a group reading would be good.

To help you this full moon, pick a card below and see what the advice is for you to have the best experience in personal relationships in the next two weeks.


libra full moon reading

Left: XIIII Temperance

The angel in Temperance tells us that we’re protected even when we’re going through obstacles in our personal relationships.

Don’t be rash when trying to confront the people you think are in the wrong. Try to distil what they might be thinking, and even if it doesn’t fit your worldview, have patience when interacting with them.

There might be a need to communicate back and forth with the person so both of you can figure out a compromise.

Middle: XXI The World

This is the time for celebration as you’ve reached completion when it comes to relationships.

In terms of personal relationships, you’re ready to level up, whether it′s

  • becoming buddies with a new acquaintance you′ve met in the past six months
  • upgrading your romantic relationship with a person to ″Facebook official″
  • downgrading a crush to a somebody-that-you-use-to-know

It was a tough six months but you′ve learned the lessons needed for you at this stage.
With the experience you’ve picked up, you’re able to overcome future problems with grace.

Right: Page of Cups

Someone new might enter your life in the next few days.

They’ll be a young person, whether age, experience or appearance, and they will bring a new appreciation of life for you.

The person might even bring news related to relationships and emotions to you. Welcome them into your life, and see what you can learn from them. They will learn from you too.

It could also mean that you need to channel some youthful energy when it comes to your personal relationships. Be more adventurous and open to other people.


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