New Moon in Libra is on 9 October (Tuesday) at 11:46am (GMT +8). After the new moon arrives, start setting the intentions that you hope to manifest at the next Full Moon in Libra around April 2019.

Libra is about one-on-one partnerships, including and beyond romantic relationships.

I chose to use the Romance Angel Oracle cards for this New Moon Card guidance because despite the card name, it’s not just about romance.

Take a deep breath. Think of a partnership that you want to improve, and pick a card. The answers will be revealed later.

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While the Romance Angel Oracle Cards were designed for romance readings, I find that the cards do shine a light on other one-on-one partnerships (for example, with your boss, colleague, friend, parent, landlord, tenant etc).

All three cards relate to control, whether it is the wish to control someone or taking backing the control of your life. Which one did you choose?

Romance Angel Oracle Cards

Card 1: Let Go of Control Issues: Allow this situation to unfold naturally

How many times have you been annoyed that things between you and the person isn′t going at the speed or way that you want it to go?

The more you try to “manipulate” the situation, the further it goes from your intended destination.

I know it’s very frustrating to not get what you want.

But sometimes in life, we have to go through the paths that have been set for us.

Both the hardships and comforts of a relationship are so that we can learn the lessons we’re meant to learn.

Going through all that helps us grow as a person. And also not take a relationship for granted.

Card 2: Worth Waiting For: Divine timing is at work in your love life (or partnership)

Similar to Card 1, this card is about letting go of the issue and letting fate take care of it. Know that you are protected.

Are you looking for a partner in love/ work/ or other projects but can′t find a suitable person?

Perhaps you aren′t really clear about who you want to attract into your life. Take time and visualise the qualities of the person you want in this particular area of your life.

Once you′ve figured it out, write it down and let it go. The right person will come at the right timing.

Card 3: Free Yourself: It′s time to take back control of your life

Many times in relationships, we feel trapped by the other party. That we need to drop everything we have on our hands and do what pleases them.

A healthy relationship is one with boundaries set and respected by both parties.

This card advises you to no longer let your life be controlled by the whims of others. You are an independent being and you deserve to have control over your own life.



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