Recently I ran a survey and found that linking and connecting multiple tarot cards in a tarot spread is a challenge for intermediate tarot readers.

The basics before you read a full tarot spread

It’s very tempting to jump right into trying to decipher the whole tarot spread.

I recommend looking at the individual cards first before tackling the whole spread.

Sometimes looking at the cards alone is enough for the reading.

Tarot Major Arcana
Major Arcana-only reading.

Here are three ways to read multiple tarot cards

  1. Interpreting patterns
  2. Storytelling
  3. Character interaction

1. Interpreting patterns

Look at your spread.

Are there more Major Arcana or Minor Arcana cards?

Is there a particular suit that appeared more than the others?

Think about how the abundant/lack of Arcana or suit say about the reading?

2. Storytelling

(I use this mostly for free-flow readings without a fixed tarot spread.)

Tell a story with the cards. You can use the Pixar storytelling prompt.

Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___.
One day ___.
Because of that, ___.
Because of that, ___.
Until finally ___.

3. Character interaction

Look at the characters in your tarot spread.

How are they interacting with each other? Are they facing each other?

Do the characters look like they’ve ‘grown up’?

Does the situation portrayed feel like it’s from one scene to another?

Want to learn more?

I’m running a tarot training Linking & Connecting Tarot Cards in Tarot Spreads that dives deeper into the topic!

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