The New Moon is on Monday, December 18, 2:30pm. It’s in the house of philosophy, travel and knowledge Sagittarius.

Is there anything you wish to work on in those areas? Think about the question and pick a card for advice.

This time we’re using the Zombie Tarot deck so the answers will be fun.
Tarot Reading Singapore For New Moon Sagittarius

If you chose the card on top: Knight of Swords

⚔️This Sagittarius new moon season, embrace the energy of the Knight of Swords.

Be logical, devise your plan of attack and act with military precision to reach your goals.

But don’t be so logical that you lose touch with your human side and end up being a zombie with no qualms about hurting other people’s feelings to get what you want.⚔️

If you chose the card on the left: 10 of Wands

🔋This Sagittarius new moon season, avoid taking on a heavy burden, especially if it’s someone else’s sh*t that you need to clean up.

If it’s not other people’s chores, you might be taking on too much to handle.

Take time for rest and recreation, especially during the long Christmas and New Year weekends.🔋

If you chose the card in the middle: 5 of Cups

🏺To move on during this Sagittarius new moon season, you’ll have to accept that you have been disappointed by how things didn’t turn out as you want them to.

It’s only human to feel frustration. You can cry over it if you want to.

But you’ll have to eventually move on. To do so, take stock of the good things that has happened in your life.

Plus you never know if the event that had disappointed you might return to you in a different way that will bring more benefits.🏺

If you chose the card on the right: Strength

💪Be assured that you have the willpower to conquer your goals this Sagittarius new moon season.

You’ll likely need to work on your own to make sh*t happen. Dig deep into your mind and you’ll find the answers.💪


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