Here’s a problem I have since I started learning tarot.

Even though I know I shouldn’t ask tarot the same question too many times, I find the loophole–I asked many questions about the situation from different angles.

For example, if it’s a boy problem, I would ask, “What does he feel about me?” or “What should I do about him?” or “What is gonna happen between us?”
It’s basically the same question about the same situation.

One reason you should stop doing this is that it makes you anxious.

Instead of letting the event unfold naturally, or take action to change course, I just sit there and ask the cards.

Then there’s the problem of the cards giving different or even contradicting answers.

In this case, it isn’t that the first reading was wrong, it’s just that you’re getting too much input.

It’s similar to asking friend A about a situation and then asking friend B about the same situation. They can have different ways of looking at it and it doesn’t mean their point of view is wrong. It’s just different.

So you’ll end up confused in the end.

Reading about the same situation would heighten your insecurities. The reason you approached the cards in the first place is because you are insecure and you hope the cards will give you a good answer.

The truth is, even if the cards give you a good answer, because of your insecurities, you might not see it as a positive thing.

You might see the reading and think, “You know what? The cards, you’re just lying to me. I’m gonna read again one more time just to confirm.”

Again, you’re just making yourself more anxious over nothing.

So how can you combat the problem of asking the same question too many times?

First, take a deep breath. Put your cards away and trust that the problem will resolve on its own.

Another way to help is to pay another tarot reader to read about the situation.

Once you’ve paid money, it will feel like an investment and you’re more likely to take it seriously.

There has been multiple times where I’ve paid for a reading, and got the same message. I had just been refusing to see the problem directly in the eyes.

With the confirmation from another tarot reader, I thought, “OK. This is it. Case settled.”

Yes, the situation itself was still unfolding in real life, but internally I decided to kind of make peace about it.

Let me know if you face the problem of reading about a situation too many times.

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