2017 was the year I started Tarot Singapore Online.

In the past, tarot reading has always been a very personal activity. Mostly because I wasn’t confident enough reading for others.

But after coming out from the tarot closet, I want to achieve more. And what better way than to set goals?

Here are some of my tarot goals for 2018:

1. Understand my own standing in tarot

I don’t quite see tarot as a tool for fortune telling. In my mind, it’s hard to justify that picking three out of 72 cards would tell me exactly what’s going to happen.

So I use tarot as a tool for personal growth, to dive deeper into my subconscious so I can face whatever I’ve been trying to avoid.

Still, the conception of tarot as a “future telling” tool is kind of stuck in my head. So I have conflicted feelings whether the way I use the cards is the right way.

I might take more time to really dive into what this means to me.


2. De-stigmatize tarot among my circle

Similarly, there are people who think that tarot readers are charlatans out to get a quick buck. Or that tarot is actually black magic and something they shouldn’t touch.

I feel that this leaves them with one less tool to know themselves better.

tarot in improv

Reading tarot in an improv show.

I hope through my blog and practice I can de-stigmatize tarot to the public, starting from people near me.

3. Teach more people tarot

Since I strongly believe that tarot is meant for self-improvement, I want to help others become confident in reading tarot so they can help themselves.

Most of my students who come to me have already started on their tarot journey but the misconception that they have to follow the guidebook to the T is stopping them from achieving their fullest potential.

A combination of intuitive reading, supported by keyword knowledge is the most useful.

4. Help more people using tarot

I use tarot as a non-judgemental tool to help my tarot clients. I believe most people already have the answers before they come to me. My reading either supports their thoughts or contradicts them.

But I have no power in making sure my clients follow what is eventually in their best interest, despite what the readings ssay

In that case, I have to tell myself that it will take time for them to eventually learn the lesson on their own.


5. Discover which is the audience that I serve with tarot

Currently, most of my tarot clients come from the peer-to-peer mobile commerce app Carousell.

It’s a very different audience compared to the people I interact with daily.

Though I’m willing and glad to help them with their problems, sometimes I feel like they’re exactly my dream clients. And I’m not their dream tarot advisor neither.

I hope I’m able to dive deeper in this and figure out who I serve best.


6. Reading at public fairs

I have read at a public flea market once. At first it was a nerve-wrecking experience but several clients in, I could see how I was able to give them more clarity in choices in their lives.

And I’m also happy to be the listening ear for them. I’ve come to realize that sometimes clients aren’t there because they want an answer, but because they want to tell someone they don’t know and won’t judge them about their situation and choices.

singapore tarot reading

7. Daily tarot cards on Instagram and Facebook, but make it more fun

Currently I’m posting tarot card of the day on my Instagram and Facebook. I feel that the daily readings can be improved but I’ll need to figure out how to do that. 🙂

Let me know if I could add more things into my list.

free tarot reading on instagram

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