I opened up my Q&A box recently to ask people about their worries when it comes to learning tarot.

I was very surprised that most of the worries came from misconception of tarot that are very superstitious in nature.

Tarot has become a tool for self discovery, not just fortune telling.

Here are some of the myths about tarot, as well as the truth to debunk these misconceptions.

❌Spirits are involved in tarot readings

Tarot doesn’t involve spirits unless you actively invite them in.

While there are tarot readers who can channel spirits or mediums who use tarot as an additional tool, you DO NOT have to involve spirits when reading tarot.

Personally, I have not involved any spirits in my tarot reading.

Also, lol at this lady.

❌My life will be shortened because I’m trying to “see” the future with tarot

You’re not meddling with larger forces when you read tarot. You’re accessing your inner intuition.

Tarot doesn’t give you the “exact future” that will happen. It shows you one of the paths that can happen if you continue on your course.

You always have the ability to change where you’re going.

❌I’m not psychic so I can’t read tarot.

You don’t have to be psychic to read tarot. You’re accessing your intuition and past experiences for guidance.

❌I’m worried I’m not ‘gifted’ at tarot so I don’t want to start learning tarot.

Learning tarot is just like learning another skill. It takes practice. Don’t give up.

Also, if you never start, you never know if you like tarot or not.

If you start and realize it’s not for you, you can let it go. No big deal.

❌I’m scared of what I’ll see in the cards. What if I can’t take it.

I know it’s kind of mean but I laughed at the last sentence. You’re made of tougher material, darling.

The cards do not set your destiny. It is a guide to what might happen if you continue on your course. Take charge of your life and make changes.

❌I need to know ALL the meanings of the cards before I can start reading.

You can read tarot with a blend of intuitive reading and textbook meanings.

You don’t have to know it all to start.

❌I need to read cards for other people to be considered a tarot reader.

Reading tarot is a very personal experience. You don’t have to read for others if you don’t want to.

This sometimes come from my own students who feel that they’re not “there” yet if they aren’t reading for others.

You DO NOT have to read for anyone but yourself. Even if your friend begs you to read for them.

Also check out this video with Singapore tarot readers by Today Online.

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