I have a lot of clients who are new to tarot reading so they’re not quite sure what to do.

In this post, I’ll share some of the details you’ll need to tell your tarot reader so they can give you a better reading.

Tell me about your problem

I’m not a mind-reader so I don’t do open-ended questions. When you’re writing in, talk more about the circumstances surrounding the question and other details that might help with your reading.

In the video, I explain how to share details and why that’s important for a better reading experience.

Huh, you mean I don’t need to share my date of birth or even my real name?

Unless I’m pairing your tarot reading with astrology (something I’m excited to learn), I don’t really need your date of birth.

Similarly, I’m not looking for your life’s book so I don’t need your name to do a reading. I just need the details surrounding the situation.

Or your photo.

But, how would I know if the reader is accurate if I tell her everything?

I get annoyed when I hear people say, “Oh, I deliberately withheld that information to see if you’re accurate.”

Do you go to a doctor and say, “I have pain somewhere in my body. I’m not going to tell you where it is. I want to see if you’re a doctor.”

(My doctor friend said patients actually do that. Of course, I didn’t go through six years of med school and multiple examinations but I treat this as seriously.)

If you’re coming to a tarot reader with a question, you want to get your questions answered, not getting a replay of what your question is.

So share what it is you’d like to know about a situation when you do a tarot reading.

Be open to reframe the questions

Because there are so many ways your future can unfold, my readings are not usually deterministic.

This means that if the reading shows that the path you’re going on might not be to your liking, or beneficial, I will pull a card as the “action step” for you to make things better.

I also don’t like to answer questions such as “Will this relationship work out?” because it’s planting seeds in your mind. Instead, I frame the questions that will be beneficial for you, for example, the strength, weakness and potential outcome of this relationship.

Once you have a question in mind, get in touch. I’ll be glad to help you with reframing the question for your benefit.

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