The upcoming new moon falls in stable, decadent Taurus 14°10′ on 5 May at 6.45am for Singapore.

For our new moon intentions, you can set your goals on attracting money and things that make you feel luxurious and pampered.

Since this is a Taurus new moon, I’m using my new #FoodFortunes card which is all F&B-based. (food and beverage). Taurus, ruled by Venus, is about enjoying life, especially with good food.

Think about your goal and pick a card: Left, Middle or Right to see what advice the cards have.

Are you ready for the reveal?

taurus new moon 2019

Left: The Islander

You are feeling isolated from others, as if you’re trying to grow something on your own.

This is a good time to feel into what it is you really want, without the input or distraction from others. Believe that you’re able to build something unique while you’re off working in your own pace and way.

Middle: The Pressed One

You have a lot on your plate and you’re being squeezed on all sides.

They say, “Ïf you want something done, ask a busy person.” You’re that busy person whom everyone’s pushing their work to.

Start learning to say “No” or only work on things that you care,.

Take time to go out and have leisure time for yourself. Enjoy nature (something that’s very Taurus too) and the sunshine.

Right: Page of Drinks

Time to loosen up! You have big goals or things you want to do but you’re restricting yourself.

Imagine you’ve just drank enough alcohol to make you brave enough to conquer everything that you want to conquer.

If you’re the one inhibiting yourself from chasing after what you want, then you are the one who needs to change!

Hope that helps in your New Moon in Taurus intention setting. Till the next moon.

Side note: Have you seen this Dating a [Star Sign] series? It’s so funny! As a Taurus sun sign, this Taurus boy’s constant “Self care!” reminds me of myself.


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