What the advice the card have for you from 20 Sept to 20 Oct 2017.

Pick one of the cards below.

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Virgo New Moon Tarot Reading

Reading from 20 September to 20 October

Virgo New Moon Tarot Reading

If you chose the card on the left: Page of Swords

The advice for the Virgo New Moon cycle for you is to be brave and conquer your fears, preferably with a sword in your hand.

You might be diving into a new territory and might need to defend yourself against the unknown (or even someone).

Be prepared, whether it’s laying out the facts logically or with clear words. But also note that your goal is not to win the argument, you’ll also need to empathize with your “opponent” to continue having a good relationship.

I find this video particularly useful in how to “win arguments”.


If you chose the card in the middle: Queen of Pentacles

Whatever you’re manifesting, material wealth and goods will likely appear easier for you this period.

Remember to count your blessings and you’ll be surprised at how much you already have.

It would do you good to spread your luck and abundance with other people too. This doesn’t have to be monetary help, as your knowledge or advice is useful for those in need too.


If you chose the card on the right: Nine of Wands

If you’re trying to manifest something, you might be coming from a place of worry and overwhelm.

It won’t be easy to tell you “don’t worry” but the good thing is, you’ve built a good foundation that can help you overcome whatever obstacle that is coming.

Of course, if you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out for the help of others


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