I bought the Zombie Tarot because of a tarot reader I follow on Instagram. (I’m on Instagram too!) I thought some of the cards look beautiful so I ordered mine online.

The card illustrations are vintage. The people look like they were from the Mad Men era including the zombies.

Zombie Tarot Review

Unboxing the Zombie Tarot

The cards come in a box designed as an ammunition box. And the guidebook that comes along is better than a regular Little White Book, with a paragraph of cheeky explanation.

What I like about Zombie Tarot

The card stock is thick. And the cards fit in my hands when shuffling so I have no complaint. (I still prefer tarot-in-a-tin sized cards if I’m bringing the cards around.)

The card designs are vintage-pretty, though there are zombies in them. I like the zombies but I’ve had people cringe at them.

The card explanation booklet is nice when compared to other decks. The booklet goes beyond keywords to give deeper meaning to the cards, though I have to assign meanings to some of the cards because they differ from the Rider-Waite.

Zombie Tarot Review

Zombie Tarot booklet dives deeper into the meaning of the cards.

What I don’t like about Zombie Tarot

The only thing I don’t like about the Zombie Tarot is the box.

The box is too big to carry around so I’ve resorted to taking the cards out and putting them in a loose bag.

zombie tarot

The cards and the bulky box

One thing that might deter beginner tarot learners is that the deck design is quite different from the Rider-Waite-Smith designs. (RWS is the deck I recommend beginners start with.)

If you like the designs of the cards, I do recommend getting them. They’re available on bookdepository.com and some bookstores.


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